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Want to fight back against the crappy "Fauc-us" so-called health reform bill by Senator Baucus? We NEED you guys to put even more pressure on the House today with your phone calls!
by slinkerwink
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The Finance committee looks to be officially in chaos as Snowe,Lincoln, Rockefeller and Wyden hold off their yea votes trying to bargain for their proposals. Of note is Wyden and Rockefeller. NYT ...
by pronin2
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by El Payo
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Instead of just screaming this idea in the comments of veratis' liveblog of Obama's townhall ...
by Lib Stone
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Senator Jay Rockefeller is one of the most tireless champions of healthcare reform on the Hill. He has been around a long time, was key in crafting CHIP and a champion of expanding Medicare 55 and up.
by pronin2
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So that spotlight-loving senator from Montana has supposedly cut the healthcare bill in the finance committee to $1 trillion. But he refuses to tell us, or even the other Democrats on the committee,
by LibMachiavelli
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BY BILL MOYERS & MICHAEL WINSHIP We've seen how Washington insiders write the rules of politics and the economy to protect powerful special interests, but now as we enter the holiday season, and a ...
by Bill Moyers
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by pronin2
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Krugman has long been critical of many of Obama's moves, but on healthcare he has been largely supportive. He now tells how Obama has gotten to t his point. No question there is a leadership crisis. ...
by pronin2
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Mark Ambinder talks to WH today on the liberal revolt. The enws here isnt encouraging which is why we must go to act blue and back up those progressives in congress. DFA is launching a 10 state ...
by pronin2
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This has been said before but we need to say it again: Health insurance reform is being held hostage by six Senators on the Senate Finance Committe -- who represent the smallest, least ...
by Old Redneck
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In an article yesterday in the Washington Post , Mayo Clinic was attacked for cutting off access to Medicaid and Medicare patients. In fact, these cutbacks were extremely limited. The story ...
by Auriandra
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Late last week I received an email (pardon the elipses and xxx's for now) with this invitation: Dear Aaron , Please see below for information on an exciting opportunity to..
by doctoraaron
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It looks like we’re sending a bunch more folks to Afghanistan to get more deeply involved in a land war in Asia (life imitates art?!). One of the tenets of that appears to be pushing the ...
by ElsieElsie
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For all the lack of action from Blue Dog Democrats on health care and labor law reform, all in the name of the interests of the health insurance industry and Chamber of Commerce - you would assume ...
by PaulVA
Comment Count 20 comments on Fri Jul 24, 2009 at 08:18 AM PDT with 28 Recommends
Ezra raises the question I keep pondering-why are the Dems not emphasizing the morality of universal healthcare? They keep talking about a cut here, a nip there, and how it saves the economy ...
by pronin2
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A sign on the wall stated that my Richmond, Virginia doctor's office would no longer accept United Health Care. Curious as to why that could be I decided to have a little off the record chat with ...
by cc99999
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Today I had a long conversation with a top staffer to Senator Wyden. It was all encompassing on healthcare, the public option and much more. Here is Sen. Wyden’s position as has been noted ...
by pronin2
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The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to debate Rockefeller's Amendment to the Baucus Bill that would include a strong public option in health reform. I just sent the following email to ...
by Patrick Crowley
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Last night I watched some of the markup in Finance. There was a question from Senator Ensign about the mandates - the requirement that every American must pay private companies a scheduled user fee ...
by bob zimway
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