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Cross-posted at Facing South -- your source for news, politics and trends in the South THANKS FOR REC'ING! Virginia has ...
by ProgressiveSouth
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The Justice Department sent a legal memorandum to the Pentagon in 2003 asserting that federal laws prohibiting assault, maiming and other crimes did not apply to military interrogators ...
by teacherken
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a debate they were neither required to watch nor for which were they given any extra credit. That one - almost all who watched noticed in real time. Many were offended. About half of those ...
by teacherken
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The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) road show has pulled into San Diego. Over the next few days they’re planning sharing their message of hate at thirty locations around the city. Several ...
by dougbob
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The title is from George Wood, author of this blog post After telling you about the school he has run for the past 18 years ...
by teacherken
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why I was out on Friday, what I was doing in Grundy. I did so because I will be out on more Fridays - for events in Roanoke, Alexandria and maybe the Eastern Shore as well. I wanted them to ...
by teacherken
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I teach government. I have periodically wrestled with whether I could continue to do so. I have come close to walking away from it, because I what I saw worried me sufficiently that I wondered ...
by teacherken
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I come here and see the top-rated diary by bkamr about the impact of the economy upon her middle schoolers. I teach high ...
by teacherken
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Michelle Obama is on a roll herself in Europe. I'm thinking there's some serious President AND First Lady Envy going on over there, and I for one think it's much more fun to be loved than hated. ...
by Muzikal203
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Thank you to 7 wonderful teenagers at this high school in Cocoa Beach, Florida whom I've never met. They have far more courage and ...
by davefromqueens
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which is why we removed them from government action by protecting against such action in the Constitution and its Amendments. Speech and religion are both supposed to be protected. We do not allow ...
by teacherken
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"My name is Jim, Mr. President. It is an honor to meet you." We stood close, arms around each others waists, and smiled for the official photographer. There was a flash of light. "Thank you for ...
by jim in IA
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is for two reasons. You probably have already guessed that one reason is much of what Obama had to say about education. I will discuss that in detail below the fold. For now consider just this:
by teacherken
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Iowa Family Values begins like this: IF it weren’t for Iowa, my family may never have existed,
by teacherken
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Update: THE KIDS GOT THEIR PENCILS! (Scroll down to the project below to see the thank you note the teacher just wrote.) Thanks to you Kossacks, these kids are going ...
by hyperbolic pants explosion
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News is circulating around California this morning about a UC Santa Barbara undergraduate who was taken to a detention center by Homeland ...
by eugene
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As regular readers of my posts know, since my wife was diagnosed with cancer on January 27 I had not been back in the classroom at the non-profit charter middle school where I had been teaching ...
by teacherken
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Yeah, it's an invasion. I've read about this several times over the past few days, some of it from folks I thought were smart enough to se through obvious bullshit.
by TheBlaz
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Sometimes I stand back and watch our world, and marvel at how easily stereotypes tend to enter into our beliefs. And sometimes, those stereotypes leave us so thoroughly braced for the terrible that ...
by Fokozatos siker
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Yesterday I had a chance to talk with 4 of my 6 classes about Obama's speech to Congress, to get their reactions. In general, the reactions were favorable. They were not so kind, those of them who ...
by teacherken
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