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Since I rarely diary, this is a strange feeling. I want to ask for the help of the Daily Kos folks. I’m not even sure this is appropriate, so if it isn’t let me know and I’ll delete it. Rest ...
by woolibaar
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I lost my job in March. Worked for the same company for 8 years, loved my employer and the people I worked with. They ended up outsourcing the entire department I had built from the ground up. ...
by nellie525
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OK... so I finally got around to actually reading that block of copy that people post along with WHEE diaries. You know, the one that looks like this: WHEE (Weight, ...
by Ed G
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The Republican Party has set up a new website, RepublicanforaReason.com, in the attempt to find a new identity for their fractured party. As stated on their site: Welcome to our newest ...
by rickrocket
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by Reality Bites Back
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... because I plan to spell out exactly what they're doing wrong in winning over independents. Why would I do such a thing? Three reasons: 1. I believe that even the most well ...
by Dimlah
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As many of you know I will be going in for surgery in a few weeks and be inmobile for many weeks thereafter. I thought that I would put together a reading list and collect the print books now, so I ...
by BFSkinner
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by fabooj
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. Continuing my list of unconventional suggestions to Congress ... last time we finished the first big category: “What can the House ...
by David Brin
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Reactions have been generally positive, so let's continue to ponder a short list of unconventional suggestions that I'd like to see the new Congress accomplish, as we begin the long, slow ...
by David Brin
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Okay, I admit that I usually groan and roll my eyes when I see a diarist proclaim to know what Obama's Next Big Speech should be. I mean, I'm certain that Obama and his team have a pretty good idea ...
by LaKathie
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The awesomeness of the new GOP House of Reps will soon be apparent. Sure, they look like dumbasses now, completely devoid of wisdom, compassion, common sense and honesty. And okay, granted, they ...
by darkscribe
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by Mr Populist
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As many of you know I will be going in for surgery on the 15th of this month. Earlier this week I wrote a diary asking for help in coming up with a reading list for books that were long/series of ...
by BFSkinner
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As a new(er) member of D-Kos, I see some instances of what must be categorized as “growing pains”. Every week I read a rec-list diary leveling various complaints at other D-Kos diarists. ...
by Noamjunior
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I think that a daily "Welcome To Those Visiting Daily Kos" post is needed...well...daily on DailyKos.com. Think of all the folks coming to dKos because of rightwing murmurs that dKos started mean-...
by IseFire
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Okay I tried to be nice and post up some tips to make things easier. But after looking at the Secret Service restrictions(see below)...the event has now turned into a weird form of hazing...or an ...
by superHappyInDC
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C'mon, I'm sure we've all thought of at least one: New Rule: Politicians cannot support any torture -- oops, I mean "aggressive interrogation" -- methods unless they've first tried it themselves.
by Truth Hurts
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by gshenaut
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Hey folks, I feel a need to set up a protest in Los Angeles against Prop 8. Here's my idea. I want to get as many married couples out, preferably in wedding garb if it still fits and you don't ...
by Eric Santiestevan
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