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An item over at Talking Points Memo picks up on an interview with the sister (in law) of Adam Lanza's mother. There’s been some level of mystery about just why Adam Lanza’s first victim, ...
by xaxnar
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You may, perhaps, say I am many other things. That I am not really a survivalist because I don't do this or that or some other thing. You'd be wrong. Those preppers? They have nothing on me ...
by Noddy
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That's the 'rational wing' of the NRA; Responsible, safety-concerned gun-owners. 74% of them agree with making harder for guns to get into the hands of criminals, etc. (that's 3 out of 4 -- NRA ...
by jamess
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Over the past few weeks, I have become increasingly concerned about the prospect of Governor Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) becoming the next Vice President of the United States. Certainly, the idea of Sen.
by David Drissel
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I find that I am a prepper. Not a survivialist, but a prepper. (A survivialist is a nut worried about the end of the world as we know it. A prepper is a rational person worried about bad things ...
by DrillSgtK
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This interview with the killer's aunt is very telling. "Last time we visited with her in person we talked about prepping and you know, are you ready for what can happen down the line when the ...
by David B
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Why would someone on Daily Kos make a group like this? Simple, disasters happen. No amount of wishing and hoping is going to stop that. Until we can control the weather, Hurricanes, Tornados, Ice ...
by DrillSgtK
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unless your recent video consumption diet has been excessively comedy-deficient Yesterday, Josh Marshall (editor of Talking Points Memo), noted a recent discovery from an impending-dystopia warez-...
by anon2008
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Today I have to indulge in a bit of schadenfreude. A friend who I work with, who is an ok guy other than his rabid right wing thinking, has been all upset at the NSA reading his email, listening ...
by DrillSgtK
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