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Wellpoint is laying off employees because its profits are down. Wellpoint is also cutting back on the health benefits ...
by nyceve
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I ran across this article from the Indianapolis Star about how a subsidiary of ...
by Hesiod
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Update: Important information for Blue Cross Dog Plsn of attack Secondary headline: IN TWO YEARS, WIFE EARNED 2.1 M ON HEALTH COMPANY BOARDS. Article by Daniel Lee Link: daniel.lee@indystar....
by drmah
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.... his wife Susan Bayh who never responds to questions regarding her professional life. She is an attorney who began serving on 14 corporate boards starting in 1994. She is now listed ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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As the old saying goes, don't hate the player- hate the game. The game I refer to is the one in which someone gets elected to office and then someone very close to them gets offered a job that they ...
by Setrak
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In his piece about the Church of the Savvy, David Waldman provided a clip of Jane Hamsher being ...
by Spud1
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(Cross-posted from "Bayh-Bayh-Bayhden.org" ) Some say Obama chose a VP already. Well, maybe it's time to un-choose. While this diary ...
by David Boyle
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