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Yesterday I was invited by friends (thanks Kat & Deidre) to attend the ceremony for the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize at the War Memorial in San Francisco. ...
by citisven
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by Jerome a Paris
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cross-posted from Voices on the Square Congressman John Mica, Republican from the Florida 7th district and member (former chair) of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, has ...
by BruceMcF
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Crossposted from the Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet .
by NourishingthePlanet
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Ecocity Builders and the United Nations NGO Major Group's proposal 'Global Standards of Sustainability for Cities' has advanced to the final round of the Rio+20 Dialogues . Please support us so that ...
by citisven
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Greenpeace International called the Rio +20 text "a polluter’s charter that will cook the planet, empty the oceans and wreck the rain forests." In my opinion, the revised negotiating text of the ...
by FishOutofWater
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“Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” — Bill McKibben’s call for a carbon divestment movement Note: Tom Athanasiou , a long-time left-green writer and critic, is Executive Director of ...
by tomathanasiou
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This week a small but poised Ecocity Builders delegation including Kirstin Miller, Naomi Grunditz and myself got to spend time at UN Headquarters in New York to witness the first round of ‘...
by citisven
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I've just watched Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" and it reminded me of other times in history when people sounded the alarm and weren't heeded. Sometimes the way to capture the mood of an era is ...
by robertdfeinman
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In ranking climate change last month as the highest risk facing the World in 2011, the WEF glitterati meeting at Davos also connected the ...
by boatsie
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After largely ignoring the role of cities and local governments at its first 15 climate conferences, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( ...
by citisven
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The World We Want. It's MY WORLD , right? Well, here's your chance to have identify action on climate change as the key priority.
by boatsie
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The latest target of Tea Party ire would be funny, except for one thing -- their latest local townhall-protests seem to be working ...
by jamess
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The term synchronicity is coined by Jung to express a concept that belongs to him. It is about acausal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena. This concept was inspired to him by a ...
by boatsie
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Welcome to the eKos Earthship , your one-stop-shop ...
by eKos
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Do you recognize climate change as the single greatest socio-political disaster in our midst? Do you think this country can afford to waste any time and any energy before tackling this issue? And ...
by Nulwee
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The American Institute of Architects has announced its top ten green projects for 2010 .  Sponsored by AIA’...
by Kaid at NRDC
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Surely, you have felt it. Even if merely as a sense of a major upswing in the number of emails you are receiving about concerted, concentrated and collaborative events planned over the next few ...
by boatsie
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Readers of a certain age will remember Joni's Mitchell's iconic anthem "Woodstock," celebrating the famous 1969 music festival (which, incidentally, she did not attend, but I digress). The song ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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Vandana Shiva "The Earth is the Biggest Employer"
by boatsie
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