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Did quilts help guide escaped slaves to safety? Did different quilt blocks have specific meanings to slaves, perhaps based on their African past? Was the pattern of stitches and knots informative ...
by Melanie in IA
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Curious, that little thing called "faith". I've never been one to deride the faith of any person, or any religion. But I do often wonder why faith is so often tied to a symbol that it causes ...
by wmtriallawyer
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Just Words Pictured above, an image, consisting of words. Just words. Sticks and stones will break my bones But words will never harm me. 1 A silly rhyme. A child's rhyme. A rhyme meant to ...
by GreyHawk
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We don't know exactly who came up with the invented word "Homeland" back in the days after 9-11, but clearly it was a word meant to promote fear, jingoism, and unquestioning patriotism. No matter ...
by flitedocnm
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by onetwostep
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Sometimes a Chair is just a Chair; And sometimes a Chair is a symbol of something, that is too often, missing ... as in these GOP Chairs that are all strangely vacant: ---------
by jamess
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by Renee in Ohio
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From Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac we learn that today is Umberto Eco's birthday. So: Happy Birthday Umberto! It's the ...
by don mikulecky
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I know that this may be a breach of protocol, as I just diaried this yesterday . If you have never heard of The White Knot, ...
by Random Excess
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by Patriot for Al Gore
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‘Capture the Flag: A Political History of American Patriotism’
by jimstaro
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by thor
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The Peace Symbol Celebrates Its 57th Birthday, But Still No Peace Gerald Holtom, an artist and conscientious objector, created the Peace Symbol on February 21,1958. According to Christopher Driver, ...
by don mikulecky
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Given the increasing appearance of posts like Clear Eyes' from today and MinistryofTruth's from Oct. 10 , I've about had it with the bloviating, neo-Confederate racist jackass wastes of oxygen who ...
by Railfan
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by Miss Devore
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Note: My goal in writing this diary is to promote discussion if nothing else. Please comment if you agree. Comment if you disagree. Above all, comment if you have ideas! What I'm really after here, ...
by Eowyn9
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by howardfromUSA
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by thewhiterabbit
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The history of the use of a Jackass to symbolize the Democratic Party had it's start with President Andrew Jackson .
by Angie in WA State
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Yesterday I started a series of diaries reviewing a recent book by Dorion Sagan:
by don mikulecky
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