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One of the first things that people tell me, when the subject of bees come up, is how afraid they are of bees, and wasps. Some of them justify this extreme fear with a couple of encounters, or stings.
by GreenMother
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I had planned to write a diary about biodiversity, climate change, and ecosystem services. Fate intervened in the form of a beetle struggling upside down in our pool a few hours ago. When I fished ...
by matching mole
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One of my early passions in entomology was beetles, especially tiger beetles and scarabs. I even thought to earn my master's degree at Bowling Green because there was a major professor who wanted ...
by Desert Scientist
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The crows are watching. I do believe the grubs have got to me. Pieces turn gray and fall off. Giant beetles have been found on and around me. I have sprung leaks when it rains. I am getting older ...
by ruleoflaw
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The Daily Bucket is a place to catch your casual observations of the natural world and turn them into a valuable resource. Whether it's the first flowers of spring or that odd bug in your basement, ...
by billybush
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About 10,000 years ago, humans began to domesticate plants. They planted fields which not only fed more humans, but also fed the insects which had fed upon their wild ancestors. Not fully ...
by Ojibwa
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