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Well, after about a month of being away from the DK I am back. Most people I'd assume would not have even noticed that I was gone. ;) Most of the rest of the sample size is probably saying:
by BFSkinner
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As many of you might recall, I have two pooties, Tango and Cash. They have been life savers for me during my times of illness and a lot has been written about them. Tango specifically has been able ...
by BFSkinner
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I don't know about you but I've been in a funk all day so I thought I'd post a light-hearted diary. If you're looking for something serious or something hard-core policy this is not your place. I ...
by BFSkinner
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Please, as a long time friend who has pulled away from you because of your "problem" I'm asking you to look at what you've done to yourself. This obsession of yours is unhealthy. You don't need to ...
by ontheleftcoast
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You can't do World Music without a big shout out to Putumayo. Many thanks for keeping World Music alive. Let's start with a Tango.
by x
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There are a few things you should know...about Satanists, Unitarian Universalist Polyamorists, the Nita Cajone Support Group, kidnappings of Lhaso Apsos, the holy quest to pet a Bonsai tree and then ...
by john keats
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by EeDan
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UPDATE: The ticket link has been corrected Shameless plug time! Rob Dapore here of the Billionaires For Bush Follies . I know what you're thinking. Election night! Too much suspense!
by Rob Dapore
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