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Mitt was caught on tape once again, and his true feelings came out- once again. Transcript and video below the fold. Update: This is the front page story on Huffpo, and I think it will blow up on ...
by coolelegans
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Mr. Willard Wigglesworth Mittens Romney, Esquire most recently stepped in it when he said that it is fair to tax capital gains at a lower rate because that money was already taxed once at the ...
by Roger M
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The whole "Michelle Obama Get Whitey Tape" rumor is the biggest load of bunk that I've ever heard.
by IotaNet
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by achilles
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Of course we knew this all along. When President George W. Bush is with his cronies behind closed doors and the cameras are (supposedly)turned off, sometimes he lets a little truth slip out. Greg ...
by whattamisaid
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Hello friends, Today's original Headzup cartoon deals with the Bush Administration's ...
by headzup
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The tape of Mitt Romney speaking at a private fund raising event, revealed to us by Mother Jones magazine last month, was in a word: AWESOME ! The person who pulled this off without getting caught ...
by Andiandi
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by Night Owl
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I have 2 questions about the Yemeni story, one based on needing more information about what is culturally normal (and how technology imports are taxed) for Yemenis.
by foldingBicycle
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The 'whitey' tape is the latest tempest in a teapot. A few ...
by Victor
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