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Also available at Booman Tribune Two white police officers in Merced, CA tasered an African American double amputee in a wheelchair, allegedly ...
by Steven D
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by Nic White
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A 21 year old black man in Winnfield, Louisiana, named Baron "Scooter" Pikes, was tasered 9 times in 14 ...
by Steven D
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“When he’s not arresting you, Sergeant Crowley is a really likeable guy.” So, Sgt. Crowley and Professor Gates had a [beer http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/...
by Jay Elias
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With greater fanfare than a Hollywood movie premiere, the new TASER X3 Electronic Control Device (ECD) was unveiled ...
by Zwoof
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Disclaimer: I wasn't there, this account is coming from a friend of mine who was, copied and pasted verbatim from the IM conversation I had with him concerning the event It was requested ...
by djdissent
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It appears that the officer who was videotaped repeatedly tasering a student for being unable to stand up after being tasered has ...
by silence
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Alright, I’m the Online Communications Director for John Kerry, and I wanted to jump in here to let all of y’all know about what happened yesterday at the University of Florida event. JK ...
by BriVT
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by KiTA
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South Carolina officers Eric Walters and Franklin "Frankie" Brown After pleading guilty to federal charges of deprivation of rights, two Marion, South Carolina, police officers ...
by Shaun King
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The following is an excerpt from an article instructing Law Enforcement personnel how to explain to the media why Taser victims die from Excited Delirium, a non-existent medical condition.
by Zwoof
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I got this from Rawstory: The family of this gentleman is suing as well they should after he died while in police custody.
by a2nite
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You'll have to follow the link to see a woman hogtied, handcuffed and lying in the back seat of a car while a police officer repeatedly tases her. A mentally troubled woman, tased by a Chariton ...
by jpmassar
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This is a followup to the diary earlier today "SC police officers to mentally ill woman: I'll let you go if you let me Taser you in the forehead." http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/04/27/1380630/-SC-
by shmuelman
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Hello All, I'm new to the site - a longtime reader, but this is my first diary. Originally I had planned on writing something rather anecdotal about my experiences in college talking with my peers ...
by BrockAun
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There have been numerous diaries written on this site about the ongoing investigation into "Troopergate". This issue centers around Sarah Palin's alleged attempts to have her ex-brother-in-law ...
by feebog
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On January 12, in Frederick, Maryland, Robert Ethan Saylor went with his aide to see Zero Dark Thirty. When the movie ended, he refused to leave, saying that he wanted to see the movie again. His ...
by Lollardfish
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It is definitely evident that there is a real problem with policing in America. Although police find themselves under scrutiny by cameras from the citizens, businesses, and their own, some ...
by Egberto Willies
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This time the victim was white. He had just suffered a 30 foot fall off a highway overpass in Ozark, Missouri, and had a broken back. And then the cops arrived. What happened next is hard to ...
by Steven D
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I know that theres going to be uber-goobs that right off that bat complain that this doesnt belong on DKOS and Im pushing some important diary off the list. Well... too bad. Not all of the countries ...
by LieparDestin
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