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Lot's of factors should be considered before you decide whether photovoltaic (pv) solar power is right for your home. Latitude. Southern exposure. Shading. Cost. Yea, that last one. That's the ...
by charityslave
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What do we know? We know that oil is a limited resource. We know that demand for it is climbing because of China and India. We know that we went into Iraq for oil and that supplies there have ...
by Scaredhuman
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Today I learned that my increase in employee contribution to health insurance would roughly match my tax break, and I'm forced to wonder: Does the payroll tax break amount to anything more than a ...
by drstone
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Shortly after noon today, the House GOP decided to take a break from "CRomnibus" affairs and pass another unfunded tax break for rich people. The " Supporting America's Charities Act " would have ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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“In combat, spontaneity rules; rote performance of technique perishes.” Bruce Lee Back when President Obama was Candidate Obama one of his most commented on talents was his ...
by Michael Gene Sullivan
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It would be fair to say the Ryan-Murray compromise budget hasn't exactly produced rejoicing in the nation's capital. Democrats ...
by Jon Perr
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I can't stand it. I don't care about my piddly paltry little tax break. Please, let me pay my pitiful fair share. Just don't let the big dogs get away without paying theirs....
by debstover
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Take charge of the message Mr. Obama. Speak to the American public with passion, in terms that will get regurgitated by the media and remembered in the voting booth. Middle class tax cuts are ...
by simplify message
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The Republicans insist that eliminating the tax break for the top 2% of taxpayers will cost American jobs. But can you find me a business owner in their right mind who would use their tax cut to ...
by JPE Voice of Reason
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by timoth31
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The GOP thinks means testing for entitlements is a good idea. I say let them eat their own dog food: Every year a company's tax returns are evaluated to see if the profits they made exceed the ...
by J Keplar
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So you want to suspend the Federal gas tax. It won't save me or many other folks much money, but ok. You say it works because you will then add a windfall profits tax on to gas companies and make it ...
by Thucydides Junior
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According to an article out of the Associated Press yesterday, the three main gubernatorial candidates in Wisconsin are all in agreement that the tax incentives for filmmaking there should be changed.
by hooveram
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Stimulate and give tax breaks to the same, not just stimulate and tax break Business and you know what I’ am talking about, give enough to spur saving too... A DOUBLE BENEFIT FOR BOTH.
by Ministerbruce
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