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Conservatives have been up in arms about IRS inquires which allegedly were overly intrusive ...
by Adam B
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Even as many progressives cheered and celebrated on Tuesday, I was one of many gay and lesbian Americans who felt we were watching the bus of progress leave the station without us . ...
by Scott Wooledge
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by movie buff
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by Cassandra77
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As we prepare for this afternoon's Super Bowl, regardless of whether you're cheering for the Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks, here's some food for thought. This morning on Fox News Sunday, ...
by Paul Hogarth
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In lobbying hard and spending millions of dollars to defeat gay marriage in California, the Church of Latter Day Saints has gone too far.
by samc1959
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The IRS is accepting comments regarding a proposed change in the amount of political activity allowed by "social welfare" organizations, or 501(c)(4)s. If you watch The Last Word with Lawrence O'...
by Auriandra
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The American Family Association (AFA) is a hate mongering group headquartered in Tupelo, MS. They have been around for quite some time, and are tax exempt because they are a "ministry". One of ...
by Translator
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Well seems the tobacco industry, plenty more, loves dealing with them “social welfare” nonprofits that don't do political advocacy, snicker, snicker! Tobacco giant funded conservative ...
by jimstaro
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The IRS is investigating a Southern Baptist church in California for an endorsement of Mike Huckabee made by its pastor, Wiley Drake. Drake made the endorsement in a letter written on church ...
by ElaineinIN
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by KingOneEye
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Unless you've been living in a hole the last ten days you know by know that the California Supreme Court legalized Gay Marriage on Thursday. You should also know that the Religious Right is gearing ...
by Larry Madill
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Per the Guidestar web page for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) it is noted that ALEC was founded in 1973 and received their 501c3 ...
by MNDem999
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I have been reading most of the diaries over the last few days regarding this whole Warren - Obama thing. I have to say there have been some great points made on all sides. That said, why don't we ...
by padeius
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Cross-posted from Asian Americans for Obama : A blog ...
by rameyko
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by CaptStumpy
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As I type this, churches all over the country are participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday . The participating ...
by Spartacus Roosevelt
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by mntleo2
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Well researched article. While the authors don't belabor the point, I think people who have paid attention to the timeline know that this is the key sentence: Some election lawyers said they ...
by Eyesbright
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No more. You want to conduct business in this country, pay your fucking taxes. NO organization should be exempt from paying taxes. At All. ...
by Kyrie 1
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