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The other day my oldest brother, Ron (I have four), emailed me the following request: The following is an argument by our brother, Steve, for not increasing taxes on the rich. Can you ...
by James Kroeger
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Bruce Bartlett was on Hardball today. If you missed his appearance it was simply amazing. He destroyed every Republican fiscal talking point in 5 minutes. He then ended the interview with this ...
by SharksBreath
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Bill Moyers on Plutonomy http://youtu.be/FSoglDcRbAg Uploaded ...
by jamess
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My heart does not bleed for those in the top 3%-4% of all incomes struggling to get by on $300,000 (or much more) a year. This is the fucking problem we (and President Obama) have with a few "...
by TomP
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The Wall Street Journal prints a long letter from George Bush to Congress this morning - where he is as defiant as ever.
by Jerome a Paris
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This is a Diary with a personal story about wealth and taxes. My great-grandfather and grandfather (single male chidlren, like my dad) were very successful men. My great-grandfather built things, ...
by webranding
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[Top Diary of the Day: Wow. And Fishgrease Commented.. Booming Fishgrease] That was what the man said to me. Now Ordinarily, what with it being private property, and a rented hotel ballroom, I ...
by nathguy
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A great comment by Disputo over at Kevin Drum's blog (in a discussion about the fact that supply-side ...
by Jerome a Paris
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Arguably, there's been one good side effect of the chaos in Cairo and the horrible blizzard. Had it been the kind of slow news week you'd normally get in the early February dead of winter, your TV ...
by attytood
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With a likely focus to some degree over the next year or two on tax policy, coupled with the proposed tax on many employer provided health care plans, I've been doing thinking on the way tax policy ...
by clammyc
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After the first steps in the UK and France (with a 50% surcharge on bonuses payable by the banks, which they seem to ...
by Jerome a Paris
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Crossposted from The People's View . That's how the Tea Party Republican astroturfers describe unemployment benefits. �So today, I want to find out just ...
by deaniac83
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which is taxing capital gains at a lower rate than income earned from labor. Consider - you can be a middle class person, and your salary is taxed at 28% plus 7.65% for payroll taxes. But if you ...
by teacherken
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The protests on Black Friday of Walmart's treatment of their employees are encouraging, and Kossacks supported them overwhelmingly, but the heirs of Sam Walton—and others like them—have rigged ...
by Tim DeLaney
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It is time to finally, once and for all, put a stake through the heart of this zombie myth that refuses to die: "Business Owners are Job Creators." Hearing it regurgitated by Speaker Boehner for ...
by electric meatball
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Sometimes, in the words of the great Branch Rickey, you get "addition by subtraction." [footnote below] In the case of Peter Orszag, the aphorism fits. Peter Orszag was the Director of the Office ...
by TomP
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by Susan Gardner
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Jed Lewison links ...
by Armando
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From *Piketty and Saez*, via the Center on Budget and Policy ...
by Jerome a Paris
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I never studied economics in college, but I did attend law school. In fact I graduated 4th in my class. The standard buzz phrase that law school professors drum into the heads of their students is "
by Steven D
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