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I've been asked to diary my experiences from yesterday's Tea Party in Pensacola, Fla., the one that was on the open thread this morning and has shown up on a number of other blogs (...
by Sinfonian
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Representative Barney Frank is holding a town hall meeting today in Dartmouth. While the meeting is mostly temperate, there have been a few moments of contention, as well as the occasional outburst ...
by James Andre
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Right now we are in the calm before the storm. President Obama, in a town hall meeting in St. Louis, just gave it to the conservative movement, as exemplified by the Tea Bag Party protests a couple ...
by beachmom
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I was watching The Ed Show a couple of days ago, and he said something about the Tea Baggers that I think really rings true.
by Muzikal203
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This article was in our local weekly paper, 50 years ago, February, 1962. Nothing much has changed in so many ways. I guess his son and grandson have become Republican bagsters who vote for Andy ...
by dadadata
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What in the world happened in Zanesville, Ohio yesterday? In one evening, this town of 25,000 saw a Tea Party, an entirely separate protest with a 70 foot hot air balloon and a Koran-...
by ds022b
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That's all these parties are, a bunch of whining citizens bucking the system with their home made signs and their tea bag stained mitts. They can't face the fact that the conservative system died, ...
by Ellinorianne
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(Half snark/Half serious) My father was a Vietnam vet and a Navy Helmsman. His father was a decorated WWII vet and a Navy man as well. I have family going back to ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Oh yeah! Be sure to follow @DailyKosComics !
by Mark Fiore
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If you caught the open thread earlier you might have seen this quote about Sarah Palin speaking at the Tea Party Nation convention: This morning, I asked whether Sarah Palin’s ...
by sterno
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I have an elderly friend who recently had a wonderful expensive new type of eye surgery performed called DSEK which has cleared her vision so she can read again and at 94 it is wonderful. Her ...
by theworksanddays
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Seems that the Florida GOP legislators are going to go a different route....the proverbial "death by a thousand cuts" when it comes to taking down the unions. While reading my local paper here in ...
by lutznancy
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We are back from a tea party on the steps of the capitol building in Olympia, Washington. Mrs. Crystal Eyes has the heart of a lion and insisted we take our tea bag protest signs into the midst of ...
by crystal eyes
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BREAKING: They, indeed, surround us. Tea bagging is an important activist movement, and it appears the forced aligned against the President are closing in.
by Public Service Administration
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by Mark Fiore
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by Captain Future
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I thought the stoopid was deep before the election. I thought the lunacy was a political stunt. But it's clear to me now that people in my country are so imbued with fear and lust for vengeance ...
by snafubar
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I usually spend my Saturdays like most people do - trying to get everything done at home that was neglected during the week. You know, laundry, car repair appointments, fix the $%^$& lawn mower, etc.
by QuestionAuthority
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Great op/ed in the L.A. Times: Most 'tea party' followers are baby boomers reliving the '60s By ...
by bluicebank
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To start, I live in Collier County Florida. It is a very RED county. I am one of a handful of Democrats that walk this vast county. Today, I took my family, my wife and 4 children to the Naples 4th ...
by Thunder Mongoose
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