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Pardon me, but I think the fact that the total incomes have not risen for five years and that incomes actually fell for four straight years -- the first time that has happened since World War II -- ...
by TeamsterPower
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This is big. Great news for all of us who seek a Blue/Green Alliance! The Teamsters today left the ANWR coalition, a group in favor of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Jim ...
by TomP
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Which side are you on has been a rallying call for workers since the 1930s. I know not all of us on Daily Kos belong to a union. I don't and never have, although I grew up in a union (UAW) ...
by TomP
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(SCRANTON, PA.) – Jim Hoffa and the Teamsters are poised to begin their sweep across Pennsylvania, hitting work sites and talking to workers across the state about how their votes in the ...
by TeamsterPower
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It's midnight saturday morning and your "Screaming Meanie" alarm goes off. Not that you'd been sleeping all that well- your neighbors with normal jobs are just getting to bed, and the folks in the ...
by RuralRoute
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Get your Twinkies and your Wonder Bread now, because what you see in stores is the last of them. (At least until the brands are sold at auction and revived.) Hostess Brands has announced that it ...
by Laura Clawson
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crossposted from unbossed FedEx drivers have been fighting to be classified correctly as employees rather than incorrectly as independent contractors. It’
by shirah
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The Senate is expected to take up the 2008 transportation appropriations bill soon. And as early as this evening, Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-ND, will introduce an amendment that would block funding for ...
by TeamsterPower
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Updated with visits to Allentown Updated with photos The day started early, with the wheels rolling at 6:30 a.m. to Ocean Logistics, a warehouse distribution company that supplies ...
by TeamsterPower
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One of the highlights at YearlyKos 2007 was the Teamsters Cookout on Saturday. I went because I was hungry and somewhat curious since Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was going to speak. When I got there I was ...
by Shockwave
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I cherry picked this off of drudge, but according to the AP it looks like the Teamsters may be set to endorse Obama.
by Nathan in MN
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I'm writing this piece primarily to draw people's attention to my last two posts. Site ...
by TeamsterPower
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It's spreading like wild fire- At noon bakers walked out of Hostess Brands' Lenexa, Kansas bakery and onto the picket line. In the last few hours bakers at the Indianapolis, Columbus, Indiana, and ...
by RuralRoute
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I'm surprised nobody here is all over the Mexican Truck story -- that is, the fact that some Judge has decided, over the objections of Labor, Environmental, and Safety organizations, that it's just A-
by theyrereal
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Good luck being seen through this wall of Teamsters, Westboro Baptist assholes. The attention-seeking scum of Westboro Baptist Church,
by Laura Clawson
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This is the second in a series of posts following the announcement of a secret free trade deal ...
by davidsirota
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Today, 73,000 employees of General Motors represented by the United Auto Workers went on strike: Thousands of workers at General Motors automobile plants in the United States ...
by TomP
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The Cintas Corp. is facing the largest fine ever for safety violations in the service sector after the horrific death of employee Eleazar Torres Gomez . ... In a historic ...
by TomP
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Two words: Replacement workers.
by TeamsterPower
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by inallmyyears
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