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Imagine you lived in a country where there was a pretense of democracy; elections were still held, congress still sat down and debated legislation, and politicians continued to make rousing ...
by Mark Sumner
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Watching this TED Talk discussion about slavery in America was like taking a punch in the stomach. I had no idea human trafficking existed so blatantly here in our own backyards. In this ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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UPDATE 6: I just got back. While I was gone, Sagebrush Bob reported that TED has released the video of the censored talk. Sagebrush posted the video at bottom of the comment thread. Go and see for ...
by Words In Action
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My daughter with Professor Elyn Saks Some of you will remember my therapeutic (if not cathartic) diaries about my daughter Trina's mental illness (
by recoveringConservative
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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
by Dragon5616
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Scientists can be Superheroes too . Have you ever needed a Penicillin shot, or did comparison shopping on a PC, or wondered what the surface of Mars looks like? Well thank a ...
by jamess
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The guy who is worth about $4.6 billion, just warned the sold-out TED Talks that: 'current levels of inequality may be unsustainable'. And that was not all he said ... [...] " The gap between ...
by jamess
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Yesterday, like every March 31, was International Transgender Day of Visibility . The event is meant to be A Celebration of Transgender Lives , in contrast with Transgender Day of Remembrance , ...
by rserven
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"Today, there is a new front in the fight for human rights. I used to carry a big gun. Now, I am carrying this. This is a much more powerful and much, much more effective weapon. But we have to ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Watching this TED Talk discussion about slavery in America was like taking a punch in the stomach. Human/Sex-trafficking and slavery are alive and rampant - in our own backyards. In this video, ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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People sometimes make bad decisions.
by palantir
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Al Gore's rhythm continues to sway people towards solving two major crisises facing us, in our world today. This was presented as an inspiring talk by Al Gore ...
by ilyana
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When John Sununu opens his mouth, the resulting words are typically vile or stupid. In his MSNBC interview today, Sununu repeated the claim that President Obama, despite being a "nice guy," wouldn't ...
by Grizzard
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Glenn Greenwald gives a brilliant TED talk called " Why Privacy Matters ." In it he talks about privacy and freedom, and explains why the argument that "if you've done nothing wrong you have nothing ...
by Th0rn
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From [TED Talkshttp://www.ted.com/] comes this fascinating video that includes literally watching babies' brains at work as they learn languages, both native and second: At TEDxRainier, ...
by Jimdotz
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Yesterday, Jessica Valenti did the world a public service . She posted about her experience at the TED Women conference, her observation on the absence of talks about abortion, and the results of ...
by Angela Gandolfo
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I was going through ted talks today and found this very interesting talk on cheating and wanted to share it.
by chandu
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Received this e-mail today from congressional candidate and Pennsylvania's Liberal Lion, State Senator Daylin Leach (D. PA-13) today:
by poopdogcomedy
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Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig gave a great talk on how money has warped our democracy . Yes, it's stuff we already ...
by J Keplar
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Eleven years ago, we started looking... At the start of the housing bubble , we were told: “Bring your checkbooks”. “There is going to be a bidding war”. “If you can afford the ‘
by Independent Musings
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