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The Blackbirds awoke me every morning, and hour earlier than I needed to be up for breakfast and the dive boat, with a scoffing array of whistles, beeps and squeals. These were the numerous Great-
by OceanDiver
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This is a terrible shame. An ancient Mayan pyramid was bulldozed by a construction crew building a road project in Belize, for road fill. Not the least of the shame is that archeoligists believe ...
by eXtina
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The Washington Post reports that a State Department spokeswoman had previously confirmed that a health worker who “may have” handled lab specimens from the man who died of Ebola in Texas was on ...
by DRo
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When things are stressful as they are today, I turn to nature for a connection that offers peace, beauty and today, some good news. Oceana Tuesday, Belize’s Supreme Court declared offshore ...
by VL Baker
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I wrote up this bucket of baby birds a week ago after returning from Belize, and then got involved in some personal family "nesting"...my daughter "hatched out" her own nestling on Saturday. It ...
by OceanDiver
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(Cross-posted to State of the Skies ) ...
by weatherdude
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The Daily Bucket is a regular feature of the Backyard Science group.  It is a place to note any observations you have made of the world around you.  Rain, sun, wind...insects, birds, flowers......
by OceanDiver
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Hurricane Rina formed in the Caribbean Sea this afternoon, after undergoing some pretty fast intensification this morning. At the 11AM EST advisory, Rina was a tropical storm with 45 MPH winds. An ...
by weatherdude
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I just went on a trip through the Mayan ruins of Central America -- and all I can say about that is, "Wow!" First I went to Joya de Ceren, an archeological site in El Salvador consisting of a small ...
by Jane Stillwater
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" Nixon Camp Sabotages Viet Peace Talks " -- Had the story under that headline been published in real time, Richard Nixon might have lost the 1968 election, and the Vietnam War would likely have ...
by hungeski
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by boatsie
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The former British colony of Belize is now in the news, as Belizean LGBTQ activist Caleb Orozco is attempting to overturn the country's ban on sodomy. Zach Beauchamp at Think Progress LGBT: Caleb ...
by JGibson
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The Cenacle | 86 | October 2013 Download link: http://www.scriptorpress.com/cenacle/86_october_2013.pdf [Size = 4.9 MB] Hello everyone, Pleased to announce in the glowing days of autumn the new ...
by cenacle
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