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We've all seen the disturbing images of the shanty towns that popped up all over America during the Great Depression. They were called ...
by Marc in CA
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Note: this diary, particularly the comment thread, now stands as testimony to what occurred last night in Boston. A hearty thank you to those who remained up, late into ...
by David Harris Gershon
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With some restrictions, the city of Madison's street use committee has granted protesters permission to set up a "protest village" near the state capitol building. The organizers, We Are ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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The "fiscally" in conservative means "low moral fiber" Sheriff Joe Arpaio is famous for his fiscal conservatism.
by Walter Einenkel
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MAJOR UPDATE: This was just tweeted @thinkprogress ThinkProgress BREAKING: Judge issues temporary restraining order opening Wisconsin state capital Only in Wisconsin!
by Julie Gulden
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Note: I am reposting this diary that was originally posted on Sept 30th. It didn't go very far at the time. People are now paying attention to the Sensata story. Bainport is major national news, and ...
by noise of rain
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According to a front-page New York Times article last week, employers are using credit checks to discover the level of personal debt held by job applicants, and sending those who owe ...
by Reretiree
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Maricopa is, in part, hispani-cization (sp?) of the term Hohokham which was in itself a Pima word meaning "The Cranky Old Men Who Were Here First". When asked by the conquistadores about the ancient ...
by The Ex Cowboy
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Given Biden's experience, working the foreign policy arena seems like an obvious choice. Hillary has that portfolio, so there is no room for him there. That's not a bad thing. With her focused ...
by Henry Porter aka 8ackgr0und n015e
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Originally published at BillMoyers.com Inequality matters. You will hear people say it doesn't, but they are usually so high up the ladder they can't even see those at the bottom. The distance ...
by Bill Moyers
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This is a program that every grotesquely overpaid health insurance CEO thug -- and all of the other heartless 1 per cent-ers in the banking industry -- should be watching: Yes, BBC Panorama's ...
by james321
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A bad guy. Sheriff Joe Arpaio,
by Walter Einenkel
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Although, Sheriff Joe has spent twenty years building his reputation as “ America’s Toughest Sheriff”, he will go down in history as “...
by notdarkyet
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For those not familiar with Arizona politics, one of the most infamous figures here is the sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. He has made himself famous nationally in his two-decade tenure by ...
by julimyers
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Today I received an email asking: "Here is what confuses me, perhaps someone can better explain. Every Friday the Labor Department comes out with the numbers for NEW claims for unemployment insurance.
by Bud Meyers
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You want to resurrect the middle class. Go to its final resting place. Your people need you. These people need your presence and the promises you made the most. We need a cause besides hatred of ...
by JerichoJ8
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