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I hate to politicize tragedies, but sometimes they shed light on the irresponsibility of those who are responsible for the well-being of our nation. Take Billy Long for example. ...
by SeaChange
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"I swear to God, it's all going on the sidewalk." He swiveled around in his seat to look me straight in the eye, " Everything. " As Micah drove me from the Netroots Nation ...
by msblucow
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Take this simple test to determine if you are, indeed, a sockpuppet. 1. I disagree with you about an important political topic discussed at Daily Kos. o YES o NO 2. I disagree ...
by Bob Johnson
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Below is a test that was administered to eighth graders in Bullitt County Schools (Kentucky) in 1912. Many children that passed the examination would receive scholarships to go to high ...
by Egberto Willies
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Statisticians! pollster experts! teachers! and all the others! Lend me your ears and tell me if I'm crazy. I think that test is fake. Perhaps no test was actually administered and the '...
by AxmxZ
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"Well, there's your problem, lady. There's kittens in the database."
by elfling
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I posted the following video earlier today, and it made me realize how much I miss "Home"
by BFSkinner
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I'll scratch your back, you scratch ...
by elfling
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Just for fun, I thought I'd cook up a science literacy test for folks to see how well-informed they are about scientific concepts, theories, and facts. We're a pretty intelligent and well-educated ...
by Troubadour
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Every so often I get asked to put up a quiz that I find online. Well, I found another one that is sort of fun and I thought you might like it...yes you, you, right there, in the orange sweater and ...
by BFSkinner
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Sorry for the site hiccup there... our provider said a "brief" outage. They were thinking on geologic timescales, I think. Just looking to see that all is in order again.
by elfling
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I used to, back when my brain was more sharp, do these diaries a lot more often. Unfortuantly I've not been able to do them as often. However I found ...
by BFSkinner
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Slogan from the side of an electric trolley you too can ride at the Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista, CA. and hopefully will be deleted much sooner.
by elfling
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by BFSkinner
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Enjoy this adorable kitten. This is just a test, don't mind me. I made the kitten a bit smaller though. Closer to actual size.
by elfling
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This is just a test in this series: 640 Pixel Image Test: class="nomargins"
by aoeu
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Testing a few things out to see what formatting and embeddy goodness works and what doesn't on DK4. Posting this at 2AM so it doesn't interrupt anybody's flame war. Use this as an open thread, I ...
by weatherdude
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Wheee! Sorry for the downtime, y'all. We had a little database freakout. Drop me a comment if you're seeing anything unusual. In the meantime, carry on!
by elfling
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The code is a work in progress, perhaps like this Thomas Moran sketch of ...
by elfling
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The small print SAYS IT ALL! I am beginning to believe, Republicans won't be happy until every last poor person, dies of hunger, disease, accidentally, murdered or what have you, as long as they (...
by thinkingblue
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