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The California Democratic Party came up with a brilliant way to "welcome" Sarah Palin to her rally in LA on Saturday. They rented a giant electronic billboard across the street from the rally, and ...
by djdevvydev
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"Obama believes killing children is a right until the umbilical cord is cut." "VP Biden mocks a fallen Navy Seal during memorial." "Obama denies protection to babies who survive abortions." "Stop ...
by Q Tip
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I called a friend of mine from college, who is now an anesthesiologist, when my father was scheduled for surgery here in Atlanta last year, to see if she knew anybody on staff at the hospital where ...
by Brown Man ATL
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i just got this email from our Vice President, looks like the Republicans are getting VERY SCARED Dear Students, A number of University of Florida students have reported receiving a text ...
by slackiinoff
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Sorry to pile on yet another "When the Hell Is Barack Going to Text Us" diary on the growing pile, but I figured this one fell into the public service category, if you're like me (and have been ...
by That Anonymous Guy
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Living in DC, I will be surrounded by several people who will simultaneously receive the anticipated text message. Makes we wonder how will people react... Scream in Agony bayh......
by optimusprime
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At the end of the 11:00am news during crossover talk with the hosts, the news person said "ABC is ready to announce Kaine as the VP choice."
by A Tyner
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Cross-posted from CREDO Blog . Fortunately, posting here gives me a little more space to make my point than the 160 ...
by aaklaus
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For those who haven't got the text yet, it reads as follows: Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee. Watch the first Obama-Biden rally live at 3pm ET on www....
by DMOmaha
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to not be the one to send it. The text message I got was from somebody else - and this person had NOTHING to do with the Obama campaign and no information what-so-ever about who his choice for VP ...
by Dopeman
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by Fulbright
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Fixing the problems in America requires new thinking and new methods of action, new processes and new organization. People resent the elected offical as master, but until recently have simply ...
by xysrl
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