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I’ll call her Noi, because that’s the name of every Isaan girl at one time or another, or so it seems. Noi was one of those gai yung ladies at that sprawling wet market in Udonthani but maybe I’
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Remember this? Back in September 2006, Bruce Schneier wrote about the The ID Chip You Don't Want in ...
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The cheap frozen or precooked shrimp you buy at stores like Walmart and Costco are cheap in part because of the Thai shrimp industry's reliance ...
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It's seldom that such a widespread species is consumed in such a short period of time. The combination of wealth creation in China and road development in Laos has created a perfect storm of ...
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I will keep this brief. Today I came across an AP story about slave labor in the Thai fishing fleet. I urge you to read the entire article: OVERFISHING DRIVING SLAVERY ON THAILAND'S SEAFOOD BOATS ...
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This isn't exactly breaking news, but it hasn't been diaried yet that I can see. Over the July 4 weekend, there was a huge victory for democracy, a huge victory for left-wing populism in Southeast ...
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Many people are unaware that the ubiquitous Red Bull energy drink is originally from Thailand. Some who have vacationed in the Land of Smiles learned to call it by it's Thai name Krating Daeng ...
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Why did John McCain write letters on behalf of Alabama resident and murderer suspect James B. Fowler, who is currently awaiting trial for a slaying dating back to the civil rights era, while Fowler ...
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FORCED LABOR IN THE PRODUCTION OF ELECTRONIC GOODS IN MALAYSIA A Comprehensive Study of Scope and Characteristics by Verité EXECUTIVE SUMMARY [Pg 9] The conditions faced by foreign ...
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Up where the Golden Triangle still exists, there still is a place without much government, or anything resembling government. Xiengkok Laos is at the end of the road, and the road ends at the Mekong,
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The Delaware Senate just finished pontificating for hours debating marriage equality legislation and ended with a 12-9 vote in favor. ( Update 2:45 PT : The Governor just signed it into law! See ...
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Stories abound. Many times they do not rise to the level pf people's attention. So I often gather some of them together and try to blend them into something coherent. I hope I have done that with ...
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I like to ride motorcycles. I've always liked motorcycles. When I was young I got a good motorcycle long before I got a good car. They seemed like personal transportation in its most efficient and ...
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During the years after WW II Thailand, which had been a relatively tranquil country and the only southeast Asia region not colonized by European powers, began to seethe with unrest as if a latent ...
by Charlotte Lucas
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Thailand is as much a Buddhist country as Tibet but, I thought, less obviously so. There were a great many temples and shrines but we tourists saw no large monastery colleges like those in Tibet. ...
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Etymology: --1777 (in Cook's "A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean"), "consecrated, inviolable, forbidden, unclean or cursed," explained in some English sources as being from Tongan (Polynesian language ...
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U.S. President Barack Obama, left, and U.S. Secretary of ...
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Most of you don't get it....and how could you...CNN...MSM....BBC... all report a very skewed take on the protests and politics here. I've lived here for 8 years and follow the politics here very ...
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