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My social media feeds are blowing up right now. They range from somber and reverent remembrances of a fellow human, to explosions of anger that stem from still-unhealed wounds caused by her policies.
by OllieGarkey
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Copeland Council Member Karl Connor Many of you know that I returned recently from the rather wonderful experience of spending years in the U.K.. During that time I had the pleasure of meeting ...
by Morgan Sandlin
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(AP): Despite their strikingly similar policies and political philosophy, long-term Thatcher ally Lord Voldemort today announced that he would be unable to attend the ceremonial funeral to be held ...
by boblemon71
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In the first part of an extensive interview, leading development economist Ha-Joon Chang discusses Marx, Keynes and the nature of economics as an academic discipline.
by heathlander
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Much has been said about it. Much will continue to be said about it. I'm talking about the marginalisation of the GOP, or what's already being referred to as their possible demise on the national ...
by BluePlatypus
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Margaret Thatcher's daughter has written a book which is causing sometalk on this side of the pond about whether she should have been as open about her mothers decline. Margaret Thatcher is now ...
by dansmith17
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Maria Shriver starts the The Woman's Conference 2010 on October 24 and has provided a list of more than 140 speakers and participants. One name is conspicuous by its absence. When the stupidity of ...
by Olympia
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by Joshua Frank
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Yes, separating the Church of Cinematology from The Beautiful People's Republic of Hollywood is indeed on the line this year as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences meets again tomorrow ...
by Danish Brethren
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http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/TellY Something that made me feel better and gave me hope for the future. I have been reading Ha-Joon Chang's book 23 Things They Don't Tell You About ...
by TBug
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Pres. Obama should model his administration on neither Roosevelt nor Reagan nor Clement Attlee. Instead, he should look to Lady Thatcher, who presided over a huge crisis that affected many people's ...
by John Minehan
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Recently, it seems that Sarah Palin has secured a photo op with former British Prime Minister, Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Why on earth would the "Iron Lady" agree to such a thing? More over the ...
by Canatheist
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by An American Living in London
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