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It was a quiet winter. Attacks were low, and we'd only been rocketed three times since November. Even the EFP attacks had dropped. We hadn't had a serious casualty in weeks. We were counting down ...
by Soldier Boy
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Note: This subject was broached on Wednesday here . I thought I’d expound a bit. ...
by markthshark
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Betcha John McCain didn’t see this one coming. Ol’ smilin’ John may not be smilin’ so much when he realizes just how much money it’s going to cost to continue ...
by markthshark
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The AP reported less than half an hour ago that 11 members of a journalists family were killed,
by Granny Doc
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Author and evangelical Democrat Tony Campolo has written a really helpful article for Sojourners Magazine, The Sad Truth About the Surge.
by Ekaterin
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You know, if John McCain and the rest of the GOP could manage to see past the end of their noses once in awhile, and not be so obsessed with putting profit over everything else -- including ...
by markthshark
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That BBC headline today pretty much sums it up. Report here Rocket attack on the Green Zone. 2 US personnel dead, 17 wounded. A ...
by The Australian
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It appears that John McCain would rather lose his reputation for foreign policy expertise than lose the election. ...
by Grand Moff Texan
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Crossposted to ePluribus Media , DailyKos, ...
by GreyHawk
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Right-wing articles are very entertaining. Did you know that we won the Iraq War? I didn't. At least Bush won Iraq before Obama lost Iraq. I've discovered from reading right-wing sources ...
by gjohnsit
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Okay, so I had one repost request. That's popular enough for me. :) Maybe I missed something -- that can happen. In real life, things can sometimes occur that are unexpected. But ...
by GreyHawk
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Cross-posted at Democrashield ...
by Democrashield
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It's become a common refrain from the McCain Campaign to crow about how prescient their candidate was about the Success of the Surge , and how Barack Obama supposedly "refuses to admit" that it'
by Frank Vyan Walton
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"Milestone," "Mile Post," and "Turning Point" are key markers for Perpetual War sales pitches. There's also "turn the corner." "A new day" comes up as well, applied to Iraqi politics. If they had ...
by waterstreet2008
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Hulagu Khan may be one of the least known of the ancient Khan clan; his violent history was mostly overshadowed by the earlier adventures ...
by markthshark
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I have a close friend who is in a Ph.D program at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va, in the Geography and Geoinformation Science Department. His area of study covers a great deal of computer ...
by FrankCornish
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The proverbial cork is about to pop in Mesopotamia. (And, it won’t be coming out of a champagne bottle either.) Looks like vacation time’s over in Iraq, folks. The hierarchy ...
by markthshark
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Welcome to Iraq. America's military experts advise Iraq to push ISIS back into Syria. Here's the conversation in Wall Street Journal: Iraqi security forces and their U.S. partners are divided ...
by waterstreet2008
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Of course, we Americans wouldn’t know about this not so recent development because the media in this country has come to the overwhelming conclusion that the so-called “surge” ...
by markthshark
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November 5, 2014. Jurf al-Sakhar is a city of 80,000 on a line from Baghdad going south-by-southwest toward Karbala. Back in early June an ISIS attack group took the city unopposed. Since then this ...
by waterstreet2008
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