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In a move that would make Bunny Colvin proud, the NYPD has managed in just a few short weeks to reduce crime in their city up to 94%. http://nypost.com/2014/12/29/arrests-plummet-following-...
by Chris Reeves
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Full Lineup and other goodies below...
by Sam Loomis
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David Simon is someone who gets it--not only did he write and create The Wire, but he spent much of his life on the mean streets of Baltimore as a journalist. He's seen first-hand what our society ...
by dizzydean
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David Mills, one of America's finest writers, journalists, and bloggers, [died http://www.eclectique916.com/2010/03/31/with-a-heavy-heavy-heart-david-mills/] yesterday of a brain aneurysm while ...
by Jay Elias
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"Only fools play a rigged game forever, and governments that elevate money and firearms over human life, that treat its people and their will with such indifference — such governments eventually ...
by jbou
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Until I watched HBO's five-season series The Wire (2002-08), I had believed that I knew what a gritty urban crime-drama was.
by Troubadour
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I've often wondered who gets the most pissed at watching fictional depictions of their profession. For example, in almost every medical drama that has ever been filmed, at some point a patient's ...
by Doctor RJ
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Today is the broadcast of the series finale of one of my favorite shows, The Wire . For those who don't know about the show (which seems to be most ...
by limpidglass
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Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) We're known as the MOTley Crew and you can find us here every morning at 7:00 am Eastern (and perhaps sometimes earlier!). Feel free to ...
by martianexpatriate
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It amuses me to no end to think that Obama might become the first Asian American President . Crazy, you say? Well, you're in ...
by Asian Guy
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The best book about socialism I ever read is called, "The Bible." I hate when I wake up surrounded by yellow crime scene tape. If I found apple slices in my Happy Meal when I was a kid, I would ...
by jbou
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The HBO series THE WIRE just finished its fourth season the past weekend and the following is a rare critical post ...
by riftt
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The ACLU Reached out to me about speaking on the (Failed) war on drugs. I had a few words...
by Elon James White
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As the U.S. pauses from work to celebrate freedom, what national liberation do you desire? At the risk of seeming ridiculous, I'd love the public interest to awaken from its self-imposed ...
by arlenegoldbard
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I don't really know what happened between Keith Olbermann and Current Media. None of us does. We know certain things about the news business, that the Lou Grant-type managing editors of yesteryear ...
by chicating
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Dan Foster tweets: Cornyn tells @NRO that "all incumbents" that voted against earmarks ban "need to be prepared for primaries." John Cornyn is the chairman of the National Republican ...
by jbou
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David Simon writes on the Huffington Post about the final season of "The Wire:" Because ...
by ptmflbcs
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By now, most of us have heard at least snippets of the rags-to-riches American Dreamy Tale of how John Boehner rose to national prominence from his humble beginnings as a child laborer back in the ...
by BetteNoir
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President Karzai, with Ambassador Eikenberry at his side, announced the creation of a Major Crimes Unit to take on corruption. Secretary Clinton has been demanding that Karzai do more to crack down ...
by janosnation
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From NewsOne http://newsone.blackplanet.com/entertainment/obamas-show-the-wire-will-it-help-him-govern/ One of the main reasons I supported Barack Obama is because we share the same favorite TV show,
by Barack Marley
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