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In June of 1937 the historic production of Marc Blitzstein’s trade unionist musical “The Cradle Will Rock” was performed by Federal Theatre Project actors and produced by Orson ...
by MontanaMaven
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As the dramatic events in Wisconsin escalate toward Tuesday's recalls, a new theatrical production is playing to sold-out houses and enthusiastic acclaim in Madison:
by AnnieJo
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"We're going to end it here." This is a video diary.
by Nulwee
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A couple of weeks ago, friend devtob and I took a quick trip to the Big City of New York. It was primarily to see the play War Horse at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center. I had been ...
by LuLu
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Everyone has probably heard of Fiddler on the Roof , the Broadway musical (and movie) based on the Tevye stories of Sholem Aleichem . Fiddler opened on Broadway on September 22, 1964. An immediate ...
by slksfca
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One of my resolutions plans for the new year is to do more writing about things I love, like art, music and theatre. (BTW, is there a group specifically for theatre dorks?) Early ...
by slksfca
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Nearly a hundred years ago the practitioners of a trade that had traditionally been regarded as barely a step above prostitution formed a union. The growing resentment of the men and ...
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I think I may have stumbled upon an historical example of why people would bring guns to a public meeting. This story really starts with the sudden death of the Governor of the Colony of Virginia, ...
by KAMuston
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This post highlights various flavors of friendship — new, old; sarcastic, sincere; romantic, platonic; life-changing, deadly. Most of these "Top Ten" selections are duets, as befits the subject; ...
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Okay, I'm a Christmas geek, so it's probably not surprising that I am also a Messiah dork. A scratchy old LP recording of Handel's oratorio with Eugene Ormandy, the Philadelphia Orchestra ...
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Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) We're known as the MOTley Crew and you can find us here every morning at 6:30 a.m. Eastern (and perhaps sometimes earlier!). Feel ...
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Every week on the main page I manage to find another diary on the "War on Teachers", or against education, or kids. I hope to tell you that there is always hope for public education no matter what ...
by Layo
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Once, again, it is Monday night and the theatres are dark. So let's have a little bit of fun sharing some favorite theatre-related stories. I've been a fan of theatre for longer than I care to ...
by klompendanser
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This is a piece I wrote for another blog about a year ago. ~SLK Jerry Springer: The Opera had its premiere at London's National Theatre in April 2003. Jerry Springer: The ...
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