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The full list through which I waded -- all the while remembering Michael Palin’s warning to his fellow insurrectionaries from the movie Life Of Brian that they’d be traveling ...
by Keith Olbermann
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com . Far be it from me to give Republicans political advice but this clamor to "Repeal It!" while Barack Obama is still in ...
by Eclectablog
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com . The Americans for Prosperity "NOVEMBER IS COMING!" tour slunk into Michigan yesterday in its Koch Industries-...
by Eclectablog
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When this year's crop of Republicans got elected, I went to their fledgling websites and looked for a section about "Jobs". I didn't find any which was pretty shocking. But, at that point, most of ...
by Eclectablog
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Cross-posted in various forms at Eclectablog.com . GOPosaurs, look. You lost. We won. That's called DEMOCRACY . Just like you accused us of ...
by Eclectablog
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More than 800,000 gallons of oil spilled into Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo River on Sunday and Monday. The oil is a part of the eight million gallons that traverse the area each day en route ...
by DingellDem
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It turns out (surprise!) that even if death benefits for the families of troops killed in action are restored, there are still plenty of effects of the Republican shutdown that people don't like ...
by Laura Clawson
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Six of the most vulnerable Republicans: Dan Benishek, Kerry Bentivolio, Gary Miller, Mike Coffman, Tim Walberg, and Bill ...
by David Nir
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Having read numerous diaries here this week about hippy punching and whining prohibitions and bucking up demands I have become convinced and hereby issue this firm directive to all "base" Democrats:
by Eclectablog
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My former U.S. Representative , and that only because I was one of those who voted him out the first time and then moved out of his district before he could return to office the second time, has ...
by Neon Vincent
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A few days ago, I posted a diary in support of Lance Enderle's campaign in ...
by Brainwrap
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com . I knew this was one of the top most-contested races in the country but I didn't realize just how competitive it was ...
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com and Blogging for Michigan . � After yesterday's primary in Michigan, ...
by Eclectablog
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(From the diaries. Let's greet Dick Cheney's visit to this Michigan district with a few dollars ...
by Baerren
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A protest rally planned by anti-health care reform forces in Michigan's 7th Congressional District was upstaged by a PRO-health care reform rally staged an hour earlier in front of the Jackson ...
by Eclectablog
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com and Blogging for Michigan . Honestly, with all I know about Tim Walberg, ...
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog . Anyone who has been around the past year knows I'm one of those who is out front with his support of the president ...
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MI-07 Congressman Mark Schauer has had a remarkable couple of weeks. After trailing his opponent and former Rep. Tim Walberg for most of the summer, Schauer's poll numbers are UP, his fundraising is ...
by Eclectablog
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by Lenawee Liberal
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com . As I ...
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