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An environmental catastrophe is unfolding in Pennsylvania, and it's poised to sweep across the as-yet untouched parts of the state in 2011. Neighboring states are facing this problem too. Marcellus ...
by Poycer
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(Via Joe Hermitt, The Patriot-News) Last week, a prominent conservative columnist in the Phila suburbs challenged Tom Corbett's handling of the PSU rape scandal during ...
by Adam B
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(Revised and republished) Yet another state, with yet another Republican Governor and legislature, is turning on its budget-cutting buzzsaw with nary a thought to the poor and sick who will be ...
by jpmassar
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From ThinkProgress.org : NHL Winter Classic hockey tickets . Robert “Bob” Kennedy is the vice president of government affairs at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and lobbies the ...
by ericlewis0
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Womp womp: http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2013/05/millersville_university_tom_co.html#incart_m-rpt-...
by poopdogcomedy
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(Via Joe Hermitt, The Patriot-News) Chris Freind is a well-known conservative pundit in Pennsylvania, and a longtime supporter of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. In yesterday's Delaware County ...
by Adam B
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"It's just one crazy person. Per ...
by Hunter
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Slash-happy Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett seems to have screwed up and appointed a Department of Public Welfare secretary whose chief goal isn't keeping people from getting nutrition assistance. ...
by Laura Clawson
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Last night, in my hometown of Philadelphia, President Barack Obama attended a fundraiser to raise money for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). The fundraiser aimed to raise a ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has a cozy relationship with shale gas drilling operations in the state. His rise to political power was largely bankrolled by Aubrey McClendon , CEO of Chesapeake ...
by DWG
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Laporshia Massey The massive cuts Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett forced on Philadelphia's public schools included layoffs of many school nurses. Nurses protested the cuts, saying students ...
by Laura Clawson
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Believe it or not, the most outrageous thing to come out related to the Jerry Sandusky scandal wasn't the grand jury presentment that led to former school president Graham Spanier being indicted. ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane told the NYT that she intends to name a special prosecutor in the next few days to investigate how now-governor Tom Corbett handled the investigation of ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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In 2010, Tom Corbett carried Centre County, PA, by a 55%-45% margin . It's in the center of the state (duh), and sufficiently purplish that even in 2012, when Barack Obama carried the state 52%-47%, ...
by Adam B
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Last Thursday night, former Clemson wide receiver and real estate salesman Jeffrey D. Duncan of South Carolina's 3rd Congressional District, encompassing nine rural counties in western ...
by Dartagnan
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Doesn't this pretty much defeat the stated purpose of a mandatory ultrasound law? (Via Think Progress ): That's Pennsylvania's Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, telling ...
by Joan McCarter
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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom ...
by Adam B
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Tom Corbett may not be spending much time in Pennsylvania's State Capitol in a couple of years Sweet Jesus,
by David Nir
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by WALTER BRASCH José Lara just wanted a job. A company working in the natural gas fields needed a man to power wash wastewater tanks. Clean off the debris. Make them shining again. And so José
by brasch
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Every time you think they’ve gone as far as they can go, Republican governors take it another step. They’re not content to just cut taxes on the wealthiest and cut services working families rely ...
by Laura at Working America
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