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This is your war on drugs; ongoing and completely untrammeled by the Sequester. There will ALWAYS be money to chase drug users. Before I get to the story, let me say I read the story a couple times ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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This is what happens when you send troops into battle without proper training :Two ...
by clammyc
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As a member of the Profession of Arms I find the situation in Missouri disgusting. What makes me even more disgusted is the idea that these goons represent what a "militarized" police for looks like.
by ksuwildkat
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There must be a rule that bad government policies can never be ended, only layered with more bureaucracy. That's the path that President Obama took today with the fall-out from the Ferguson fiasco.
by gjohnsit
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Like so many young men his age, Jim was drafted as the prospect of a new war began to loom on the European horizon. He was inducted in Rockford Illinois and began basic training. Just as it was ...
by marykk
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no, I don't mean the elections, although that is also true. I mean my school year. Officially it starts on Monday, when teachers report back for four days of meetings. That is deceptive, because ...
by teacherken
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I started my day yesterday in a bit of a funk. I had woken up early and was unable to go back to sleep, for the second night in a row. The first thing I did was check Twitter, where I read more ...
by casperr
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Back in the summer, I posted a photo diary on our health care rally in NYC, ...
by mindoca
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This is an experiment. I have been on Daily Kos since 2003, and in the past have used this platform to help motivate and train field volunteers in a variety of ways. There were times when I --
by mindoca
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Earlier this week, jlms qkw , a beloved member of this community asked for our help.
by mindoca
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The job market is tough; but with some good research and careful planning, you can be better qualified and more marketable for the [jobs that are out there http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.
by dkmich
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PRA’s groundbreaking exposé of how tax dollars fund anti-Muslim trainings for police and counterterrorism personnel won ...
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Personal Note: I have experienced a devastating data loss regarding my now six-year long book project (don't ask - data encryption gone wrong). I was holding back on publishing this diary, thinking ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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After 6 years of partnership, the team of Itzl and Noddy works almost seamlessly. The process of alert and response is automatic and to observers, it's virtually invisible. Sometimes, Itzl shows ...
by Noddy
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Guess what's in the news these days? The "assault rifle". Never has a more badly-named piece of equipment caused more legal ruckus and confusion than the civilian "assault rifle". Especially since ...
by Canis Aureus
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Today, I let Hector walk off leash for a while. He is still a very slow puppy and I thought being off leash might add a little zing to his step. Nope.
by Noddy
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When I first became involved in partisan politics in 1999, I was completely turned off by what I saw with the local Democratic Party. It looked like a bunch of old people who liked to hear ...
by blizek
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Let me get this straight, we invaded a Country for No Reason At All, or if you are to believe the civilian and some military leadership a Number of Reasons that Kept Changing! We're now into the ...
by jimstaro
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A beautiful summer day ... perfect for soccer and basketball with the kids ... biking to a picnic in the park ... gardening ... sipping a glass of wine ... perfect for celebrating life ... A ...
by A Siegel
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Disclaimer: I work as the Deputy Training Director for Democracy for America Angry at the White House lies about the war? Incensed at your Senator or House Rep. for ...
by blizek
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