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The nation has experienced a sad loss of a former First Lady, who was a forceful advocate for substance rehabilitation, early detection of cancer and women's rights. Betty Ford has passed away. She ...
by TomorrowsProgressives
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Welcome, to Saturday Morning Garden Blogging.. Merry Light and I , are sharing the gardening chores today..I have the morning drive and Merry has the AH drive time shift.. I know, I know.. we are ...
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Zero Accomplishments. Bad for Women. And She's Dumb. "Hillary Clinton remains the most formidable presidential nomination frontrunner for a non-incumbent in the modern era," Harry J. Enten writes ...
by Ted Rall
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First Lady Betty Ford has died. What an elegant First Lady she was. In today's world she would be a breath of fresh air. Right after Watergate she was a cool breeze.
by Lawdog
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Last night America lost a real treasure in First Lady Betty Ford. Ford was able to turn her struggles with alcoholism and pills into advocacy, thus creating the Betty Ford Clinic–an impressive ...
by TheSolipsisticMe
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I am very grateful for Michelle Obama and Betty Ford, two American girls whose heartland families instilled such high ambitions in their daughters. But it sure would be wonderful if Michelle Obama, ...
by RH Reality Check
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I posted this little while ago on a Betty Ford Diary. Was it an overdose? come on, it's a joke. Tasteless, maybe, but a joke. Cheers And i got HR'd for it.
by Farkletoo
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