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This is about a soldier named Kevin who was seriously wounded in Afghanistan in May of last year. He and three others were in a Humvee that was the target of a suicide bomber. Kevin and one other ...
by Icarus Diving
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It's been three years since le goudou-goudou , the day in Haiti when Mother Earth rose up, flung her arms out in despair, and wept such great shuddering, wracking sobs that more than 200,000 of her ...
by Aji
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July 2010 - Morgan Stanley wealth manager hits a biker, flees scene Nov 2010 - Colorado prosecutors refuse to prosecute, because Morgan Stanley needs his sorry ass ...
by agnostic
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"Prose is a museum where all the old weapons of poetry are kept." -- T.E. Hulme Words often possess latent power, but that power is wasted in careless use. The most potent source of word power is ...
by grumpynerd
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MEXICO: God, the supreme being, maker of all things, the divine creator of all - has been found...here on Earth. Apparently, God has been here for the last 27 years, living in poverty in Ciudad ...
by the national gadfly
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Hi, everyone. I hope you are having a great weekend. This diary is going to be short and sweet, but I have a friend in a bit of what could be called a dire situation regarding the home he grew up in,
by nickinnewyork
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Every person in that police department and prosecutors office and more should be arrested and charged with all kinds of crimes. I would try to summarize but I have to go throw up. Here is the link ...
by bookcrazzzy
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My teenage son is not allowed to walk around our suburban neighborhood. Why? Because I said so. If he wants to go anywhere, I drive him. My husband doesn't object. Why? Because he knows he'll never ...
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Republicans under the guise of the "terrorism' fears have shafted the American public out of our civil liberties since 9/11. With the rah, rah, rah blind patriotism they got enough votes to do ...
by JoesUnionReview
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Talk about a victim of circumstances and unwarranted backstabbing. Unlike most of his critics while he was Chief of Staff, he actually fought in wars, and was injured in Viet Nam. (excepting McCain, ...
by agnostic
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by Nathan Hammersmith
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by revbludge
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by David Boyle
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Justice won't be denied. Not for long. Unfortunately, the interim between "Justice Denied" and "Justice At Last" can be fraught with violence, bloodshed and death born of anger, frustration, ...
by GreyHawk
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If you count all of the points scored, starting in the 2nd quarter of the 2nd game of the series, you can clearly see which team is stronger: Detroit 442 Boston ...
by NateGang
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Enough of this already... Not everything about a Democracy needs to be Democratic.
by FatDumbHappy
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