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There have been a lot of diaries at Kos lately on the subject of guns, gun control, the Second Amendment, but always room for one more, right? I got the urge to write this one after looking at ...
by xaxnar
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It means we are all in this together and no one is left out. We understand that democracy is based on trust and we work to build it further with even those who disagree with us. This social cohesion ...
by Kannon McAfee
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United States Politics: “A Strong Native American Voter Turn-out in North Dakota Could Affect United States Senate Majority” The United States Senate race in North Dakota has become one of ...
by scarletraven
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The so called debates on religion are so clearly a tribute to the idea that only the Western Judeo- Christian group are real religions. All the others just don't count. There are many others, but I'
by don mikulecky
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Having lived in the neighborhood of Canyon de Chelly, at the center of the Navajo Nation four four years, I may have some useful observations about how Indian Country voter turnout should be linked ...
by Stuart Heady
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More than 20 years of land conflict has turned two tribal communities into enemies. A recent cultural festival brought the groups together, highlighting efforts by community leaders,
by Global Press Institute
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"No taxation without representation." A legitimate concern during the revolution. Why should the government tax and proceed with no evidence of representation? The routine of contemporary Tea Party ...
by Rubbermallet
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