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Of all the Orwellian inside-out euphemisms of the Conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Republicans, perhaps none of them can match -- for sheer audacity or sheer perversion of meaning -- the GOP’s ...
by Keith Olbermann
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by KingOneEye
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On this morning's edition of Tribune-owned Fox affiliate WJW's Fox 8 News In The Morning in Cleveland, Ohio, 2006 Miss Missouri winner Kristi Capel made a very insensitive racist remark about Lady ...
by JGibson
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David and Charles Koch have long eyed greater control over the media as a way to further their salacious political causes. Last month, reports of the Koch's interest in purchasing The Los Angeles ...
by David Harris Gershon
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The Los Angeles Times wants Congress and the FCC to butt out of the negotiations between Major League Baseball (MLB) and DirecTV. On Wednesday, the paper published an editorial saying so in no ...
by AllDemsOnBoard
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Cross-ownership in the media business is a growing threat to the independence and diversity of the press. Numerous ...
by KingOneEye
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The rightwing Koch Bros are trying to buy Tribune: Charles and David Koch are very major players in the Tribune Company's sale of some of the biggest newspapers in the country, including the Los ...
by Rizzo
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Articles of impeachment were filed against Dick Cheney yesterday, and the LA Times just had two paragraphs on A15 even though it was the first time in history a vice president had been impeached. ...
by Professor Smartass
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This is a very important message to any parents who have children applying to colleges this year. You must, by all means, avoid sending your children to either Northwestern University or the ...
by Im nonpartisan
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Human beings are creatures of habit. We find great comfort in familiar surroundings and established routines. That's why, despite the abundance of persuasions, it is still difficult to break free ...
by KingOneEye
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by jillian
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by sheddhead
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by jazzmaniac
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According to Harold Meyerson at the Washington Post, the bankruptcy of the Tribune Company will end up screwing ...
by Cooley
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Publisher's Note: The Democratic Tribune is not a grand publication (yet). We do not publish this diary as some sort of pat on the back to our website or anything that resembles ...
by Democratic Tribune
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The media is having a really bad time right now--CNN is laying off their science division, Tribune is filing for bankruptcy protection, and local TV stations are feeling the pinch of fewer ...
by dadlyedly
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Sean Hannity was the keynote speaker at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, ND yesterday. See below for what he bloviated on.
by dokiy
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There's way more in the Blagojevich indictment than anyone is talking about yet. Not only was he trying to sell the Senate seat. He was trying to buy the Tribune editorial board. And Sam Zell ...
by ne plus ultra
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by MBunge
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