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I should begin by telling you that as I write this I have my browser open to the website of The Guardian because, quite literally, there are updates every few minutes on the exceedingly dynamic ...
by bunnygirl60
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I have been participating in OWS with increased intensity over the course of the last two months. The defining moment for me was the illegal and brutal ...
by politicjock
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At approximately 4:30 am local time Thursday morning, riot police invaded the main headquarters of ERT, Greece's national broadcaster, under orders to vacate the premises.
by neo11
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I once wrote a diary on the The negotiation Process and even considered making it the topic of a putative Phd. research proposal before deciding that the gulf between academia and practice was too ...
by Frank Schnittger
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http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20120510-715162.html Greece's small Democratic Left party lashed out Thursday against the anti-austerity rhetoric deployed by the larger and more left-leaning ...
by upstate NY
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For the past six years, Greece has been pummeled by austerity measures, making it a financial basket case.
by David Starr
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The people of Greece rebelled last week against the perverse notion that they should continue to endure biting austerity in a vain attempt to cure a condition that they are not solely responsible ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan delivered his 2014 budget to the Dail today - about 2 months earlier than usual to give the European Commission more time to review and approve its provisions. ...
by Frank Schnittger
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A tale of two European Unions: austerity-choked Greece on the one hand, where tens of thousands of households kept warm by burning firewood and whatever else they could find this past winter; and ...
by neo11
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Paul Krugman keeps writing piece after piece lamenting how stupid politicians are to be heaping austerity policies onto already depressed economies and then wondering why the outcome is ever ...
by Frank Schnittger
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The Russian word troika means three of a kind. According to Wikipedia, It entered the vocabulary during the Stalinist era when troikas of judges replaced the normal legal system for quick ...
by Deena Stryker
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