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by Students for Bhopal
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When Mrs. d and I bought our first house in the late seventies, a run down farmhouse out in the country about a mile east of town, it seemed as if we had scarcely signed on the dotted line when it ...
by dsteffen
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The world is out of balance. And yet most of us have little connection to nature, at a time when an understanding of the natural world appears more crucial than it ever has before. The climate ...
by brothers and sisters at dailykos
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The evening of December 2nd was quiet and normal in the Indian state of Madha Pradesh. The dawn on December 3rd found almost 3,800 dead and half a million poisoned due to negligence at the Union ...
by Stranded Wind
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And the other crimes of corporations. Why should corporations essentially live forever? Why should corporations, artificial entities created by natural persons, have more rights than natural ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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"In the early hours of December 3, 1984, ...
by soothsayer99
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Environmental News you probably missed. Emphasis on Water..Water..Not Everywhere. Future of water ...
by jillian
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by Students for Bhopal
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(cross-posted at LAist and Cure This )
by anju
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I DID NOT SEE THE MAN WHO STRUCK ME. The police were kicking women, hitting really hard with thick sticks. People were crying and screaming. I was trying to get my children down the ...
by Students for Bhopal
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Twenty five years ago today, the city of Bhopal, India was hit by a deadly chemical leak from Union Carbide. I remember being appalled at the time – that they would let such a horrific thing ...
by dancewater
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by Students for Bhopal
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Two years ago here I wrote about the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster. As today is the 28th anniversary of that awful day in India, and the suffering still continues there, I think the story is worth ...
by Tom Begnal
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A rogue corporation’s negligence and greed leads to an industrial disaster, exposing their utter disdain for the rule of law, for the environment and for the people whose livelihoods – ...
by Congressman Frank Pallone
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Two weeks ago I started something without even realizing it. I posted my second ever recommended diary on Daily Kos called "The ...
by mole333
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Dow Chemical has given the world Styrofoam, Agent Orange and a number of life’s other most unsavory “innovations.” But Dow PR execs thought that they had scored a coup when they ...
by johnnyplankton
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by mole333
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On February 20, 2008 the Survivors of Bhopal gas tragedy, the worst chemical disaster in history, will set out to march to New Delhi to demand their rights. The demands are simple: justice and a ...
by Students for Bhopal
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Dow Chemical still avoids accountability for the 1984 Bhopal ...
by Mary Shaw
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Better than distributing bottled water after a chemical spill, West Virginia, would be regulating corporations to prevent them from poisoning water in the first place. But Americans for the ...
by Leo W Gerard
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