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Dispersants are spreading oil through the water column sparing birds and beaches in the short term but killing turtles and marine life in the contaminated water. The area of contaminated water is ...
by FishOutofWater
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This is another in a series of photo diaries. No double meta here.. just pictures of stuff from on and around the island of Oahu. These are meant purely as distractions from the normal struggles ...
by Haole in Hawaii
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On Saturday I memorized the location of the east-most stake that surrounded a Loggerhead nest site in case Isaac eroded the beach. The site was special for me because it's only a few hundred yards ...
by RAW
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Here we go again. No big deals here.. some critters and a little information. I hope you enjoy this brief distraction.
by Haole in Hawaii
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This is another in a series of distraction photo diaries. I refrained once again from using the BOOBIES! misdirection in the diary title although it is always quite tempting. Enjoy.
by Haole in Hawaii
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but folks around here say O-clock-knee - or something close to that. Photo diaries about wildflowers and trees, birds and bugs, and maybe some critters as I wander and learn about the natural ...
by PHScott
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Here is another in a series of these Hawaiian photo galleries. It serves no serious purpose. I hope you enjoy it.
by Haole in Hawaii
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It's only taken us ten years but finally the US government has agreed to set the same stringent rules for imported seafood as for seafood protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act.
by VL Baker
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Here we go again. This is just another distraction diary (and I am feeling like I need a distraction after some of the recent news).
by Haole in Hawaii
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This is another in a series of distraction diaries. The purpose is to provide a brief respite from the battles of the day and to provide a reminder that we share this small planet with all kinds of ...
by Haole in Hawaii
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My father was my hero, but he had one major flaw: he had no affinity for stuff. It simply didn’t attach to him (like it seems to do to me). And once he had quit smoking (at age 82), he had no ...
by carolita
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In these days of domestic terrorism and some major meta I offer this photo diary as a brief distraction. I hope you find it enjoyable.
by Haole in Hawaii
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The Daily Bucket is a regular series from the Backyard Science group. Here we talk about Mother Nature in all her glory, especially the parts that live nearby. So let us know (as close as you are ...
by Lenny Flank
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This is a day to think about peace on earth and good will to all people. Peace can break out between the most unlikely companions:
by Wee Mama
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The Backyard Science group regularly features the Daily Bucket. Blossom end rot threatening your tomatoes?  New frog in the neighborhood? Surly yellow jackets showing up? Please add your own ...
by 6412093
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My roommate has 3 red eared sliders. I am constantly amazed at how smart these little creatures are. While traveling we used a large plastic crate with water in it, instead of an aquarium. Within ...
by l3m0n
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One of the least-noticed and little-discussed environmental disasters has been taking place around the world over the past two decades, as turtle species have dwindled at an alarming rate. The ...
by Lenny Flank
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Here's How: -- END THE Bush Tax Cuts ... NOW. Economists: Bush Tax Cuts Reduced Revenue and ...
by jamess
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by eKos
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The Daily Bucket is a place where we post and exchange our observations about what is happening in the natural world in our neighborhood. Birds, blooms, bugs & more - each note is a record that we ...
by PHScott
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