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Okay folks I got tremendous response from my ad on community organizers which is below. I got so much responce that many of you said it needed to be on the air so I developed a 30 second version of ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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Shows like TLC's upcoming "Homecoming" fetishize the military family experience without providing any real insight or help. Military families don't need TV shows like this, they need real help from ...
by IndieArmyWife
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What you have to remember about Keith and Rachel is that they and Ed are about the only true progressive voices in the media. What you also have to understand is that NO ONE ELSE does what they do,
by Dave in DC
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As noted in previous posts here, the shocking New York Times article last month by David Barstow exposing the Pentagon's use of retired military officers to carry their talking points on ...
by GregMitch
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World leaders are meeting to discuss climate change, there are wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran is taking away Nobel Peace Prizes from its citizens, the dollar just had its two month high against ...
by Hail To the Chimp
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see it for yourself after the jump...MUST SEE VIDEO!!!
by Cronk
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Democrat Mary Burke's campaign for Wisconsin governor has been running an extremely effective TV ad lately and it's about pizza. Actually, it's about Republican Gov. Scott Walker's overly ...
by rlegro
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If you have children, or heck you just care about the health of our fellow citizens you should be watching this show. In a word the show is heartbreaking. I feel in love with Jamie Oliver many ...
by webranding
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Neil deGrasse Tyson's willingness to clearly and plainly state on his TV show Cosmos that creationism is a myth has (predictably) upset Christian fundamentalists. Moreover, in an era where ...
by chaunceydevega
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So the Dog had an interesting thing happen to him yesterday. When he opened up his e-mail in the morning the follow e-mail was waiting for him: I work on Neil Cavuto’s program on ...
by Something the Dog Said
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(YouTube screenshot Of Angry Audience Member. See Video Below) Rush Limbaugh has been a one-man-show for a while, especially these last couple of years. Why? He likes it better when there is no ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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1. Consistently demonstrate practical, affordable energy efficiency and renewable energy ideas, devices, and systems at the over 4000 weekly farmers' ...
by gmoke
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"Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We had no idea that the ad was being aired during his show. We have made the call to Clear Channel to remove our ad immediately." ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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So last night MSNBC decided to run a live "Morning Joe" to replace Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow. I refuse to watch Morning (Republican) Joe, but I found this review helpful: Unless their intention ...
by varii
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It seems like the purveyors of pay TV are ...
by kos
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Cut it.
by kos
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This is either a DailyKos diarist success story or it's something gone horribly wrong. It's my appearance from 12-20-07 on the CNN show Out In The Open with Rick Sanchez and it's kind of a '...
by Stranahan
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Many of you will no doubt remember the sitcom Gilligan's Island , which ran from 1964 to 1967 on CBS. One of the castaways was one Roy Hinkley, who had 4 university degrees as follows: (a) B.A. ...
by chingchongchinaman
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I would like to point you all to a really great piece on today's CBS This Sunday Morning about Atheism. Atheists: In godlessness we trust It was reported by Mo Rocca, who I must admit I have a ...
by pierre9045
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I watch history documentaries and docu-dramas quite a lot, so I was interested in the History Channel’s three day mini-series “The World Wars.” The premise of this was that WWI and WWII were ...
by GrumpyDem
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