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A couple years ago I was unexpectedly let go from my job and shortly thereafter developed health issues that prevented me from working for 15 months. After many years of working in the high tech ...
by goldenbird
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In January 2009 I said this in one of my earliest diaries here, Postcard From Muskegon ...two years ago. ...
by Muskegon Critic
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So, I became another casualty of this devastating economic climate. I lost my job today. It was not totally unexpected. About a month ago, there was a big meeting at the company. We were told that ...
by africa
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I've been reading the diaries from people looking for work, and thought this might be of some use. Over a decade ago, when my husband lost his job, he got sent to one of the "employment coaching" ...
by Teddifish
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I am going into my fourth year now of severe financial challenges. My fellow architects and myself, we're at the end of our ropes. There's only so many times you can look for barista jobs, ...
by La Gitane
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I was at work yesterday. I am a Senior IS Business Analyst at a good privately owned company in a small town in Central North Carolina. The employees there are mostly local, and are mostly small ...
by funluvn1
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I hear it over and over from my co-workers and friends: "The jobs are out there if you want to work." I got sick and tired of hearing it, so I decided to do some research. In the ...
by bmaples
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I have been looking forward to today since Monday. It was my first job interview in several weeks. I spent hours preparing for the interview. I sat down and learned everything I could about the ...
by frustrated1
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I have had a really rough time of things lately. After straightening out my life over the past year and a half, I lost my job last week, and I also lost my lodging. The former is through no fault of ...
by Colorado is the Shiznit
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CHICAGO UNIONS RALLY AND MARCH AGAINST CORPORATE GREED With the third highest poverty rate in the US, the second highest foreclosure rate in the US and the unemployment rate stuck ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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I have worked for the same company for nearly nine years. Today it ended.
by Laurdet
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I want to clarify something about the purported "unemployment extensions" being negotiated by the WH and Republicans in return for capitulating on Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. There are no new UI ...
by Frisbeetarian
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But that does not seem to matter, not for her and not for a growing number of people in their 50s and 60s who desperately want or need to work to pay for retirement and who are starting to worry ...
by Forgiven
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True confession, I am one of the long-term unemployed. Like many, I have tried to cover up my true circumstances by creating a ¨consulting company¨ and telling bullshit stories about the benefits ...
by abe57
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I believe in personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is at the core of progressive philosophy. Progressives believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed, and that people ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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Recently, a few people have asked me to try to publish more upbeat and positive diaries about the economy. I've explained to them that, despite the misdirected comments of a few, I have published ...
by bobswern
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by bluemajority
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Paul Krugman finally came out and said it on his NY Times blog today: "The fact that the economy may be technically in recovery is irrelevant." It's linked here in a brief comment: "[http://
by bobswern
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Something. Is. Fucked. Up. In. This. Country. They may be a rant more than anything, but I have to vent somewhere and I thank you for allowing it. After nearly a year of looking for work, I'm ...
by JWK
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Senator Durbin stood in front of the Senate this morning and tried his best to whip up support for an unemployment extension bill during ...
by gjohnsit
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