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U.S. stocks notched new 52-week highs again on Monday, thanks to corporate America showing better-than-expected profits.
by Jerome a Paris
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Cross-posted to Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters . Three weeks after reviewing (and deciding not to cover)
by Project Vote
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Lol, this is gonna get good. Obama criticizes Romney, GOP on women's issues by Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY -- Apr 27, 2012 [...] "The contraception fight in particular was like being in a time ...
by jamess
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There was a DKos diary up yesterday about how dumb the recent Bobby Jindal National Review speech was, castigating Republicans for sounding dumb and for supporting unpopular ideas, but then failing ...
by David PA
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Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person unconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ...
by RfrancisR
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by Hunter
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Today would have been my father’s 90th birthday. His life was cut short when my mother took it upon herself to be his one-person death panel by waiting way too long before calling 911 when ...
by FoundingFatherDAR
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NASA MSL PASADENA, Calif. -- An analysis of a rock sample collected by NASA's Curiosity rover shows ancient Mars could have supported living microbes. Scientists identified sulfur, nitrogen, ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Global warming must be a lie because, if it were not, it would take large scale government action to deal with it, and big government and the loss of our freedom is the ...
by JohnnyRook
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Their editorial makes the argument for what big government does at the same time it takes Mitt Romney and Congressional Republicans apart. IT begins like this: ost Americans have never heard of ...
by teacherken
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Jim DeMint, noted professor of history and respected race relations theorist, puts out his theory on the end of slavery : "Well the reason that the slaves were eventually freed was the Constitution,
by thereisnospoon
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The latest target of Tea Party ire would be funny, except for one thing -- their latest local townhall-protests seem to be working ...
by jamess
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The lie of “Big Government” This seems to be the last “reasonable” plank of conservatism left. Once positions based on bigotry, racism, sexism, ...
by Ken in Tex
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Leesburg, Florida area is very Republican. All of Lake County is very Republican. The towns in Lake County have quaint names: Howie In The Hills, Chain O'Lakes, Okahumpka, and The Villages, to name ...
by JDWolverton
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[Suggested editorial for the National Review , the Wall Street Journal , or similar publication] Now that the last of the 33 miners has been pulled out of the collapsed mine in ...
by Prince Nekhlyudov
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Following an August 18th, 2011 broadcast of The Daily Show in which Jon Stewart cited a CIA Gini Index in which the United States ranked 64th in income inequality (worse ...
by MonkeyPundit
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Adam Baldwin seemed like a reasonable guy, a conservative activist who writes for Big Hollywood - one of Andrew Breitbart's websites. I try to talk to the other side sometimes and let me tell you, ...
by DSWright
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As TPM and others reported last week,
by Jon Perr
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Why big government is a good thing.
by Spencer Troxell
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Another of the great zombie lies--that Democrats want to stop military members from voting--is rearing its ugly head once again. This is a story on Breitbart, by editor/lying hack Mike Flynn, that ...
by JR
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