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My friend is a diplomat in Haiti and has been emailing about riots for 2 days. .... Has anyone heard any news on this? I would write more, but am wondering if anyone on Kos has any news?
by Samza
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The question is, why did the Egyptian and Tunisian militaries refuse to take action against the protesters, when the Libyan military did? Someone IM'd me that question earlier today, in idle ...
by Thunderthief
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Well hello again, Daily Kos. Last week was quite a week given that it was my first Netroots Nation ever. I enjoyed myself quite a bit in Providence, Rode Island staying at the Westin Providence. ...
by priceman
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It seems that everyone but Darren Wilson is responsible for the death of Michael Brown. It’s Michael Brown’s fault, black-on-black violence is at fault, it’s a culture of disrespect ...
by Mark Fiore
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This is interesting. I tend not to be paranoid. I really do expect that night of the First Tuesday in November will go smoothly. I even would not be surprised if we end up thanking McCain for a half-...
by Tom J
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I understand that it's not nearly as fascinating as all the meta on the wreck list, but there is a gun battle between Jamaican army and police on one side and the Shower Posse gang controlling ...
by kalmoth
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Now, I'm not usually one to repeat personal accounts, but this one is too important to pass up. A family friend went to Paris a while ago, and she said that the mood there is seething. She has a ...
by Dauphin
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I recently caught wind of this event , which is to be held this Friday. Mr. Beck is encouraging his viewers to gather ...
by jeffinfremont
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by MarkosNYC
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One of the things that really stuck out in Monday's reporting on the unrest in Baltimore was a statement by Daryll DeSousa, the chief of patrol. He said in a press briefing that Baltimore was ...
by OllieGarkey
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I was just skipping from one news story to another when I cam across this mention of labour unrest in India. Since it seems a major story there, and one I have not seen mention of in the Western ...
by Steve in the Library
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by Ed Drone
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At the risk of sounding loony, I would like to pose a question concerning the recent deployment of the 3rd BCT inside the US.
by onespeedpaul
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The following is a rough translation of the comments made by A. Larijani, not a friend of Ahmadinejad(AN): Larijani hopes that the Council investigates the claims of electoral fraud and reports in ...
by bucephala
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I've seen a few stories about this on the Web, this is the most recent http://www.9news.com/news/article.aspx?storyid=97741&catid=...
by politicalget
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1968...Democratic Convention...Chicago,Illinois... In the streets and in the convention Hall there was chaos... George McGovern was thrown under the bus for Hubert Humphprey. This was a sad, sad, ...
by Wild Starchild
Comment Count 73 comments on Fri Mar 14, 2008 at 05:06 AM PDT with 4 Recommends
Riots continue in London and spread to other parts of the country, with one fatality confirmed. Prime Minister David Cameron recalls Parliament back from holiday to deal with the problem, ...
by eXtina
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Two ways the economy can go. A peaceful drift into the next great depression (bad enough)...or things could become more dramatic. The credit crisis will continue to worsen once the effects of the ...
by Lexichron
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