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John Edwards is a busy person lately. Speeches, Interviews, Endorsements, Policy Statements, Presidential Forums -- where does he find the energy! Could it be he is driven to win? Could it be he ...
by jamess
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The Grande Ballroom in Detroit wasn't destroyed in the 1967 riots, but images like this one of the city came to be because of that terrible week in July 1967. (Image used under Creative Commons ...
by elsaf
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In 2006 The National Trust for Historic Preservation listed Cincinnati's "Over the Rhine" district as one of the 11 most 'endangered' historical sites in the country. In June of this past year they ...
by Keith930
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How would you like it if this was your home? A Sherman tank demolishes ...
by citisven
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Power is obviously no respecter of race. Anyone is likely to become afflicted.
by hannah
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Sometime around 1907, my father's family posed in front of their rural, North Carolina cabin, dressed in their best, for a portrait by a photographer, almost certainly an itinerant, traveling the ...
by LeftOfYou
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Dubya told us that we were going to "fight them over there, so we don't have to fight them over here." And sure as shootin' the end of the Iraq occupation has set off all those Occupys over here. ...
by hannah
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In 1871, a backwards town called Chicago suffered a loss of bovine proportions, a conflagration which burned approximately 4 square miles of narrow roads, crowded wooden buildings> The city had ...
by agnostic
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By now, we have all heard that the Democrats are planning a massive fiscal stimulus package to be passed only a few hours after Barack Obama is officially swornin as the 44th President of the United ...
by Hesiod
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Paramedics stranded in broken down ambulance for an hour with automatic gunfire all around them . No police available. People with life and death emergencies not getting assisted. Do you have any ...
by Xavier Onassis EMTP
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Hey! In lieu of Caffeinating Liberally, this month my co-organizer Jenn will host a Stop 10 Meeting at Common Grounds (44th & Vallejo) at 9. Stop 10 opposes the expansion of I -70 to 10 lanes in ...
by Leftcandid
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Today, Star Parker is hosting a Gosnell pearl clutchathon, during which she will promote virulent, racist, and untrue facts about abortion in the Black community, with the help of far-right white ...
by RH Reality Check
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