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by dengre
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by dengre
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Cross posted from Blue ...
by lowkell
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The campaign of Democrat Rick Waugh is in high gear, challenging Republican Stooge, Eric Cantor . Early last week,
by not2plato
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Eric Cantor lost his primary to Dave Brat , a Christian, supply side economist who also worships St. Ronald of Regan .
by LeftOfYou
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In a press release from the Rick Waugh campaign, support for Eric Cantor, Second Dragon in the House Minority Caucus, appears to be slumping.
by not2plato
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Map by Matthew Isbell In the pundit rush to assign a "why" and a "how" to Eric Cantor’s surprising loss in Tuesday night's primary, there have been a lot of ...
by David Jarman
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Plenty to be angry ...
by David Nir
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by dengre
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Gone. House Majority Eric Cantor got creamed in his primary last night by an aggressively anti-immigration tea party challenger, and there's nobody happier about it than ... other Republicans. At ...
by Hunter
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I'm surprised no one has posted this - I'm guessing due to the scrutiny of the Warren/Brown debate. Last night, however, another interesting debate took place, and it was a knockout: Wayne Powell ...
by bbussey
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by howgroovy
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Today tens of thousands of VA 7th District Republicans are kicking themselves because they didn't get out and vote for Cantor yesterday. The polls were not wrong and 70% of them had every intention ...
by nuketeacher
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by JCWilmore
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Last night I was tipped off that an immigrant advocate organization was planning on protesting at Eric Cantor's victory party for today's Republican primary in Virginia's 7th Congressional District.
by JCWilmore
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(H/t to Drocedus .) In the hours since Dave Brat's upset of Eric Cantor - the first time a sitting House Majority Leader has lost his primary election - there has been much talk of "How Did This ...
by Phoenix Woman
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If you watched Rachel Maddow last night, you got a chance to see one of the great characters in American politics, Dave "Mudcat" Saunders of Roanoke Va. I got to know Mudcat because he was involved ...
by teacherken
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Most of you are either watching some hardscrabble baseball team try and eke their way into the playoffs or you are watching the Massachusetts Senate debate. I'm not sure how many of you are ...
by suzq
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Last Tuesday evening I sat down to write a post conclusively showing that Democratic crossover voters couldn't have provided the winning margin for Dave Brat, the college professor who beat Eric ...
by Daniel Donner
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As we all know, Dave Brat's defeat of Eric Cantor hit the political world from somewhere around root level on the ground. But New York Times media critic David Carr writes that while the national ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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