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Welcome to PWB Peeps. We hang out here every afternoon around 2 PM Eastern. We talk about our beasties, big and small, finned, furry, feathered or something else, share stories, ask questions, have ...
by Ninepatch
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Shop virtually with small business... Valentines Day is coming and if you haven't yet found something for your sweetie, check out our listings below! You will support the spirit of small business ...
by Sara R
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by BlueJessamine
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Note from Diane: Hey, friends. I have a friend who could use a little support. If I wasn't down to my last 12 bucks from my own back probs - to the end of the month, I would do something. This is ...
by Diane Gee
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Wisconsin Capitol Protest We Are Wisconsin has made a little movie that is being shown for free on the interwebz until Monday the 11th of March, 2013. The movie shows what got us all fired up ...
by vacilando
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Nye Beach Oregon, Love. ©BlueJessamine. ...
by BlueJessamine
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Is the worst feeling in the world. There is one true love in my life and I've no chance of being with her... never have. I fell in love with her back in high school and did not have the nerve to ...
by BFSkinner
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I figured I'd take a break from the candidate diaries today. I feel like escaping from the sad reality of our current Congress as well. It is Valentines day after all. It's the day Hallmark has been ...
by sarahlane
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Recently, since the passing of prop 8 in California, and prop 2 in Florida, it would seem that the GLBT community still has a ways to go before truly finding equality. I know that with continued ...
by Glasnost
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by poopdogcomedy
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That's a scientific fact, I'm pretty sure. And if it's not, some scientists had better get working on it. Anyway, in honor of Valentine's Day, here's some evidence in support of that (irrefutable) ...
by Cartoon Peril
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Love is of God God is Love Love does not judge Love knows that I could be in the shoes of Anyone but for the Grace of God Love is free Love brings light and freedom The love of brothers and ...
by StewartAcuff
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My take on the manufactured holiday that is today...
by joeyalphabet
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I don't know what's making me so romantic today. It's the last weekday of school vacation here in MA, so on Monday it's back to teaching hs kids the basics of Spanish grammar. On Valentine's Day, ...
by litho
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As encouraged by a comment left in my last entry, I will venture in the very bowels of the beast. I added the FOX News website to my blogroll and will be monitoring it for material to write about.I ...
by The Return Of G0nzo
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My sales pitch for why we should all get excited about this frequently dissed and dismissed holiday, in five parts.
by Spencer Troxell
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$8.8 billion. $125 per person. Wow! I see what you mean about tightening our belts at home. We sure have our priorities straight, huh? Superficial bragging rights for those who feel love based on ...
by sandyknauer
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