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My mom and stepdad live in a small village between Lindau and Wangen in the Allgäu region of South Germany, not far from the Swiss and Austrian borders. It's a long story of how they settled in ...
by citisven
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I posted this comment a few days ago, and now I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is. We should think about a series on cycling issues. * How to get started if you haven't ridden ...
by Tracker
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Is exercise a chore? Do you think “drat, I’ve got to go to the gym” Is it boring? When we were kids, we didn’t drag ourselves through exercise, we played. We had fun. For me, the key to ...
by Tracker
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Many moons ago, in the pre-parenthood and pre-other things stage of life, I lived happily in a small apartment right on a bike path and just a few miles from work.  Biking was recreational and an ...
by A Siegel
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I got so excited this week reading my issue of Rails to Trails Magazine , that I decided to buck the schedule and write about the ...
by Tracker
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Yes, for some of us bike season is all year. But for many, this is the time of year you bring out the bike, lube it up, and get back out into the fresh air. And many who don't have a bike ...
by Tracker
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Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square Back in April, Hope Yen was on the Huffington Post with Sprawling Suburbs Growth Falls To ...
by BruceMcF
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A few of days ago I arrived in Vancouver, B.C. for a week of urban planning and playing. On the official schedule are presentations about leading practices in resilient urban systems, a workshop to ...
by citisven
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While trains, electric cars, and other non-internal-combustion-engine of transportation cause partisan fights and get high news coverage, there's a quiet revolution happening right under our noses. ...
by Muskegon Critic
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Group rides are so much fun! It's a chance to meet others with your passion for cycling. It's a good way to discover new routes or explore new areas you might not venture into on your own. It's a ...
by Tracker
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Last year I read a very well-intentioned but somewhat harsh diary about commuting to work by bike. The diarist made the case that the environmental problems we are facing demand that pretty much ...
by B Amer
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This is Part 2 of my trip last week to Vancouver, B.C. to meet up and exchange ideas with some of the leading thinkers in sustainable urban design and planning. ( Carless in Vancouver, Part 1: Boots ...
by citisven
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Okay, so we know that despite troubles in Detroit and Toyotaland the automobile is still king in the US of A. But sometimes it takes some raw numbers to bring home just how much the entire country's ...
by citisven
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by citisven
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Its May everyone, which means its National Bike to Work Month. Do you already have a bike? Good, then we can begin. This diary is intended to outline just exactly what environmental and economic ...
by jtb583
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by Vorkosigan
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For anyone seriously considering ditching their car for a bike, my story should serve as a warning. It’s April of 2008: Republicans hope the devolving Democratic Primary fight will put them ...
by CheckRaise
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An editorial note: As will be seen, the slur in the title is in quotations for a reason, were not the author's in origin but were 'thrown' out at me in an incident (after the fold). My ...
by A Siegel
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As promised.... Good News on the Green Front. City of Berkeley boasts big drop in emissions. The lowered emissions add ...
by jillian
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I want to tell a story of my excitement and joy of riding a stationary bicycle. No, really…quit laughing, there is joy riding the bike. One slow morning at the gym where I am employed, I was ...
by Steven Park
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