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OleHippieDude, my hubby of 42 years this December, is a musician, a drummer, and has been since he was 10, so for 53 years he's played all sorts of music. We're pretty much still rockers, though. I ...
by OleHippieChick
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Unreal. More blatant Wall Street criminality, this time by Wells Fargo and in the form of billions of dollars of "mistakes" that cost the average person $2,000 each but often go unnoticed by the ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Why are you camping out and banging drums? Why don't you go after the banks? Yesterday, in San Francisco, Occupiers did just that. The entire ...
by jpmassar
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This is one of the reasons why we have financial disasters. Because we have an utterly corrupt corporate press that is too busy defending the Too Big To Fail banks when they are supposed to be ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Matt Taibbi on Sen. Levin's investigation into the financial meltdown. Rolling Stone Go read, ...
by blue aardvark
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Coca-Cola has accused aluminum warehouse operators Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan of squeezing end users by ...
by The Anomaly
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Since the onset of the greed-is-good era , and even more so with the clamor over the " fiscal cliff ," some fat cats have been ...
by hungeski
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While 75% of the 6% of Iowa Republicans who vote in primaries were voting for NOT Romney on Tuesday, you all might have missed this . . . Watch this brilliantly informative and humorous take on why ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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At Rolling Stone , Matt Taibbi writes [The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks' Most Devious Scam Yethttp://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-vampire-squid-strikes-again-the-mega-banks-
by Meteor Blades
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Tomorrow, January 20th, Occupy Wall Street West , a production of Occupy San Francisco and fifty plus associated groups, does what lots of ...
by jpmassar
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"The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money." Matt Taibbi's ...
by James Wells
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Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America by Matt Taibbi provides a ...
by xaxnar
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What would you do?
by jpmassar
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Many of us were intrigued to hear the news of Goldman Sachs being charged with fraud on Friday by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The gathering storm around Goldman and hence the ...
by PrometheusUnbound
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For a very long time now I've been arguing that the international banking system is basically a quasi-criminal racketeering organization. I would ask the reader to consider the vast amount of ...
by Ray Pensador
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"I'm so confused!" That's the message I've read from a lot of people discussing the events in Ukraine. But, as it turns out, what's happened in Ukraine is really quite simple. It was a Neoliberal ...
by James Hepburn
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I've held off transferring to a credit union these past few weeks, largely out of laziness. But this morning I think I finally got the personal kick in the pants that you sometimes need to effect ...
by spartus
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In Part 1 of my review ...
by xaxnar
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It is hard to believe that anyone in main stream would be more inane and brown nosing than "Faux News". But Forbes Harry Binswanger (whom Taibbi says could be "Harry Kingbanger" or "Harry ...
by laserhaas
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I was watching Ryan’s speech last night and a little voice in my head kept asking, “What the hell is that red blotch on his flag lapel pin? Is Ryan desecrating the American flag?” More below ...
by Dbug
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