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The beautiful video and story that follow represent yet another testament to the powerful work Veterans for Peace continues to do across America. For ...
by David Harris Gershon
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This was just posted on FaceBook, 26 Oct. 2011, Anyone in Oakland, below the fold: Scott Olsen is seen here on the right moments before he suffered his head injury and those who rushed to ...
by jimstaro
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Sadness is profound. Sadness because we have lost hope. Sadness because ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Its true! If there's one thing HeroRATs love, its bananas. Full cheeks ...
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When is a veteran not a veteran? When he or she is a Veteran for Peace, according to ...
by xofferson
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It must be. After all, Sally Quinn, wife of former legendary editor of the Washington Post Ben Bradlee and author of the "On Faith" part of the paper, wrote that U.S. military should put religious ...
by teacherken
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Responding to questions about massive arrests of peaceful protesters overnight, Boston mayor Thomas Menino said this: “Civil disobedience doesn’t work for Boston; it doesn’t work ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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Update #2 USA Today has something up with pics.
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Dave Cline died last night at his home in Jersey City, NJ. In one sense it comes as no surprise to those of us who have worked closely with Dave in recent years. He had lived for two decades with a ...
by lao hong han
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Zeto has graduated from Land mine detection school! Back in February my ...
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by Horace Boothroyd III
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by CindySheehan
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I have heard many people say, and I agree with them, that the moment that elevated Wisconsin's spring 2011 protests from a labor dispute to a historic event was the decision by union firefighters to ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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The full story really wasn't told by this article in my dead-tree version ...
by crick02478
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Just what does that peace sign on your T-shirt/jacket/hat/button really mean? As I gear up for the Veterans For Peace national convention, which runs August 3-7, one of the events that will coincide ...
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As the March 19th rally and march headed through the streets of Portland yesterday, a young boy stepped up to the front line with us. His sign:
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I was a military brat. My father was a World War II and Korean War veteran and career Army man. I grew up believing in the power and patriotism of the U.S. military, but being patriotic does not ...
by Barbara Lee
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Five military veterans risk arrest as they climb a 9-foot retaining fence and occupy a 35-foot high ledge to raise a 22x8 ...
by Ralph Lopez
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Another interesting and challenging evening at our near-the-crime-scene home last night: ...
by karendc
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I'm talking about "Playing For Change". A decade ago a small group of documentary filmmakers set out with a dream to create a film ...
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