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I've been hoping someone else would notice this and post it here. I don't want to diary, I want to come here and read! The biggest smile for me November 6th, after winning of course, came in the ...
by Dema Broad
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by Magorn
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I was going to write about what a horrible speech John McCain gave tonight. About how he has no chance of winning (barring a world changing event) ...
by Cenk Uygur
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Pride is a damn powerful thing. For some of us, we get behind a candidate because, well, we want them to win. For me with John Edwards, it is different. Let me tell you why I was proud to support ...
by wade norris
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Q: Why was Obama's victory speech tonight so long? A: Because it takes time to go over just some of his brilliant solutions for America. Barack Obama took the stage tonight with all the momentum ...
by redvolution
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O.K., So I am the cops...That's what I do and have done for twenty- something years. Something strange was happening around the police station in the days leading up to the election, and on election ...
by Santa Susanna Kid
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Just a quick thought...I noticed this Tuesday night and am glad that someone pulled the video into a short clip...see the link below... ...Sasha noticed the incredibly enthusiastic supporters behind ...
by Roozle
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Anyone else out there going through post-election depression/withdrawal? I wake up every day thinking I have to run to my computer to see who won Missouri. Or to see if Obama is winning ...
by FightingRegistrar
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So many of my Republican friends argue with me that Obama has no experience and invariably they ask "What has he ever done?" So I decided to read his memoir "Dreams from My Father", Copyright @ ...
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As a supporter of Obama and admirer of his rhetoric and the approach to politics underpinning it, I must say that I think Hillary ...
by Asp
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Did you guys catch what happened after Obama had won Wisconsin?
by Thich Quang Duc
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by hegemony57
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Right now Obama is about to begin his victory speech. I am very excited for the Democrats. And for America. "They said this day would never come. ... They said this country was too divided...to ...
by duus
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by astronautagogo
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Congratulations to John McCain for his stunning 55-37 Wisconsin victory last night over folksy evangelical upstart Mike Huckabee from Hope, Arkansas. With only about 200 more delegates to go, ...
by reef the dog
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Let's get some perspective here. This was a huge victory and we need to say so, loud and clear! In 2004, George Bush beat John Kerry by 35 electoral votes, 286-251. Had the single state of Ohio (20 ...
by wingsnight
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