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From the people who brought you computers, moon landings, mars rovers, heart transplants and increased life expectancy (aka scientists), an amazing research ...
by jpmassar
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Perhaps if we were not stuck with textbooks that taught genetics in Mendel's words, or evolution in Darwin's, it wouldn't be so hard to understand the emergency, virulence, and eventual resolution ...
by MrMichaelMT
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We've heard about a lack of medical infrastructure in the African nations having the Ebola outbreak now. That the accompanying poverty and lack of technology adds to the problem. How they, among ...
by d3clark
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This exploit is in the wild and affects Windows, Mac, and Linux based operating systems. It also appears that running anti-virus software or firewalls may not prevent this issue from affecting you.
by Hey338Too
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Enterovirus 71 Photo credit A.J. Cann Flicker cc CDC official: Virus hitting Midwest could be 'tip of iceberg', reports Michael ...
by HoundDog
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First, I mean no insult to another diary posted (and now recommended) regarding concerns with your private data on the internet, the NSA, etc. However, the root philosophy of this seems to be a bit ...
by Chris Reeves
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"It's likely that everyone has already been hacked." - Michael Wolf Michael Wolf is someone that you should listen to. When it comes to issues of technology and business. He might just shake ...
by gjohnsit
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by IkeArumba
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CDC Special Pathogens Branch (SPB) lab tech immerses pathogens in liquid nitrogen ...
by HoundDog
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This is a follow-up to my diary on Friday, January 11. Over the weekend Oracle, the company that distributes and maintains Java, released a patch to fix the Java vulnerability that was reported ...
by Hey338Too
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Hello everyone. After the great success of last weeks Tech Support for Kossacks diary, this will be the first in a series of ongoing diaries about how you can keep your computer running smoothly. ...
by Craig Burnham
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I preface this diary stating that I myself am a systems administrator. What that means for your lay folk not intrenched into the details of the IT world is that I am the keeper of the rainbow bridge ...
by idbecrazyif
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PLEASE check your computers fo I'm sick of Democrats. Ron Paul represents a real choi Don't believe that asshole! That's not me! I have just wrestled back con So what if I have ...
by Bob Johnson
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The media is telling us that the Conficker computer virus cum doomsday machine is going to hit tomorrow. I am a professional computer virus analyst in real life, so here's the lowdown.
by NorwayGromit
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While enjoying my first ever front page post my computer was attacked with a virus. The technician at Dell was unable to remove it with 3 different software programs and even manually so I will ...
by Puddytat
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In a report that sounds like the plot of a grade B science fiction film, Ed Yong reports Ancient Virus 'Resurrected' From 30,000-Year-Old Ice In Siberia, from an article just published in Nature. "...
by HoundDog
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Dan Bilefsky and Rick Gladstone, of The New York Times , report Polio Spreading at Alarming Rates, World Health Organization Declares. PARIS — Alarmed by the spread of polio to fragile ...
by HoundDog
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A paper recently published by Science online documents the spread of Ebola from Guinea to Sierra Leone. The spread of the virus can be followed by genetic sequencing of virus, as mutations ...
by MadScientist
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As an avid reader of DKos, and since my specialty is in molecular virology, I take it upon myself to clarify to this community, which I rely on for astute and accurate political analyses, the ...
by Hood203
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by HollywoodOz
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