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"We need an approach that asks everybody to do their part." -- President Obama, in his video address today. I must admit that I'm confused about the concept. When I muse ...
by jpmassar
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First, let me get this out of the way - I have no problems with the rich. I plan on being rich. I'm an American. I believe. We all believe we can get to the top and enjoy the spoils of wealth. We ...
by Cenk Uygur
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"If President Obama wins re-election, he’ll point to the last couple of weeks of January as a turning point." ~ Josh Kraushaar (National Journal) "It was one of the best weeks of his ...
by Al Rodgers
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The richest one-tenth of 1 percent , representing just 13,000 households, took in more than 11 percent of total income in 2007. Ponder that for a moment. I ...
by teacherken
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From Spiegel Online International: Germany's super-rich have rejected an invitation by Bill Gates and ...
by FinchJ
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I don't have time for this, but it is too important not to comment. In today's NY Times is an article ...
by teacherken
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by Egberto Willies
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Today's Washington Post features an op ed by Bill Gates titled How teacher development could revolutionize our schools . Teachers are the latest focus of ...
by teacherken
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In an interview with the BBC, Bill Gates joins Warren Buffett in the Billionaires for Tax Justice group! GATES: Well the United States has a huge budget deficit, so taxes are going to ...
by TomP
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The title is not a mistake. In the New York Times, we finally see coverage of a phenomenon some of us have been writing about for year. The piece begins by telling about a small committed group of ...
by teacherken
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My support for NCLB remained strong until November 30, 2006. I can pinpoint the date exactly because that was the day I realized that NCLB was a failure. This is a book ...
by teacherken
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The proving is in the doing Not good : The charity run by Bill and Melinda Gates, who say the threat of climate ...
by Laurence Lewis
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The faces that dominate the education reform debate today—where "education reform" means increased reliance on standardized tests, the results of which are then used to determine the fates of ...
by Laura Clawson
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Cross-posted from Campaign for America's Future, ourfuture.org. To all those out there who are clamoring for "market-based"
by jeff bryant
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We are seeing a concerted and organized effort to make the new film "Waiting for Superman" the means of defining the discussion on education. When combined with the corporate sponsorship and ...
by teacherken
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Although this will come as a shock, offering incentives to teachers for increased student achievement - a concept referred to as "merit pay" - doesn't seem to produce the results the "reformers" ...
by michael in chicago
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Bill Gates (...
by Laura Clawson
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Lee Fang's new investigative ...
by Laura Clawson
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Bill Gates has been busted in a big fat lie and we've got the statistics to prove it. Last year, Microsoft founder Bill ...
by BobOak
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Whether a school is small or large, the essential questions in education cannot be ignored: What should students learn? How should they be taught? Are classes too large, especially for ...
by teacherken
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