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Cross-posted at Facing South -- your source for news, politics and trends in the South THANKS FOR REC'ING! Virginia has ...
by ProgressiveSouth
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A 90 year old man who just happens to be the former Speaker of the US House was denied a voter ID according to Texas's new voter ID requirements. FORT WORTH — Former House Speaker Jim Wright was ...
by Heavy Mettle
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Cross-posted at Facing South As ...
by ProgressiveSouth
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As some of you may know, I have been blogging about my adventures in voting over the last week, while also pointing out some of the problems others are having casting their vote in the city of ...
by zakandsantos
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by John Campanelli
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The title to this article comes directly from ThinkProgress.org. I included BREAKING because it is important, but it actually happened yesterday. If you live in Ohio be certain to verify and double ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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The Supreme Court's worst nightmare. We've had plenty of coverage on today's Supreme Court decision gutting the Voting Rights ...
by kos
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, worrying that his Republican supporters may be too stupid to find his name in second position on the ballot, which is totally disenfranchisement.
by kos
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Texas Sen. John Cornyn wants to win via disenfranchisement, not ideas. Meteor ...
by kos
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Since the 2010 elections, the US has experienced a tsunami of harsh Republican-led laws attempting to take away the rights of women, workers, immigrants, under served, gays, elderly, non-profits, ...
by jnww
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For a while now we’ve been keeping you informed of Project Vote’
by Project Vote
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Today we had a huge Enfranchisement Party in a lovely little pocket park - a neighborhood park with no name - in north Milwaukee. This was the park ...
by noise of rain
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This is what Hillary Clinton said about the Nevada caucuses while her political allies are suing the State Democratic Party for tyring to ensure just that. Because of the difficulty casino workers ...
by Jim in Chicago
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In Saturday's paper the New York Times falsely claimed that Rock the Vote was using the wrong address on their ...
by ChrisKennedy
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For a party that claims to speak for Americans, they sure are afraid of Americans voting.
by kos
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Want to make sure this story gets broad coverage across the internet, because this could happen in other states and particularly in swing states. Michigan Republicans plan to ...
by Michigan Messenger
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By Nathan Henderson-James Partisan efforts to keep up to 300,000 eligible Missouri citizens, mostly progressive-leaning voters from elderly and low-income demographics but also including such large ...
by Project Vote
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Hillary Clinton stacked the deck to secure a primary nomination by Super Tuesday. The Clinton campaign considered February 5, 2008 as the "end of the campaign". A deliberate part of that plan ...
by JLFinch
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Hey buddy. I got your most recently forwarded e-mail earlier. It's a 13 minute embedded video, a screed once again attacking Barack Obama. Telling me that Obama is not "American enough", not "...
by jaf49
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Editor's note: See update below. Drametra Brown grew up in Indianapolis, attended Broad Ripple High School, and spent most of her life in the city. Now 37 and a certified nursing assistant,
by Project Vote
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